Architect by gage awbrey

lets design something!!!

5 tasks:

* know how to measure

*be good at math!

*know how to use a computer

*be good at adding and multiplying

*know how to map things out

5 working conditions

* don't mess up on a floorplan!

*know how to present the floorplan in a meeting.

*always know what your doing and how your doing it.

*wlways remember where you put things. (keep important items in a folder)

*be prepared to work in a big building

"Albert Kahn received his professional training as an apprentice to an architect with the firm of Mason and Rice in Detroit."

Yearly salary range & state

Architects' yearly salary range from $45,000 to $80,000 a year

degree/certificate/training necessery

Bachelor's Degree in Architecture

you need a math and arts training

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