The Elevator ~ William Sleator

By Bailey Tompkins

Plot Triangle


Characters: Martin, Martins Dad, and fat lady

Setting: Elevator/apartment

Conflict: Martin is afraid of elevators, but he has to take the elevator or go down the 17 flights of stairs.

Rising action:

Rising action 3: Martin breaks leg by falling down stairs. (fat lady scared him)

Rising action 2: Fat lady waits for Martin on the elevator every day.

Rising action 1: Martin rides elevator and so does a fat lady. The fat lady wouldn’t stop staring at Martin.


Martin is forced to take elevator because of leg and is left alone. The elevator stopped and the fat lady closed the door and said “Hello Martin!”

Challenge Connection

This story connects with the idea of a challenge because a boy named Martin has to over come his fear of elevators and the fat lady because he was Injured.

The Conflect / Resolution

The conflict in this story was not resolved because Martin was LEFT ALONE IN THE ELEVATOR WITH THE FAT LADY!!!!


protagonists: Martin the protagonist didn't get a happy ending because he was lead right into the fat ladies house.

antagonists: There was a resolution because the fat lady got Martin alone in the elevator with her and he was defenseless. Martin and his dad were going to the room on the elevator and Martins dad had to get off to check on someone so martin was on by him self. the elevator stopped on 10 and the fat lady got on and shut the door while saying "Hello Martin."So she got him!!!


The theme of this story is "Be aware of your surroundings." Martin never truly thought ahead. I mean he knew that she was going to be on the elevator every time he was. Bring a weapon or something/someone.


This story reminded me of my deadly fear of white vans. Once I had to stand next to one, and I was so scared, but nothing bad happened. I'm still afraid of white vans though.