Antonio Vivaldi

Living Years: 1678-1741, Made by Lucas Lacerda

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Before Fame

Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678, in Venice, Italy. He had 4 brothers and 4 sisters and we know his father was named Giovanni Battista Vivaldi. When Vivaldi was born, he was immediately baptized, due to "danger of death". No one knows what this actually means, yet some argue that there was some natural disaster underway, such as an earthquake, or due to his poor health. Speaking of poor health, Vivaldi had something he liked to call "tightening of the chest. Today, it is known as Asthma. He started studying to become a priest at age 15. Despite this, he only said mass a few times. He was know as the "red priest" due to his red hair. Even with everything on his plate, he learned how to play violin. Eventually, he got very good.
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Italy, From De Wit's Atlas

De Wit's Atlas showed Italy with extreme accuracy for its time. It came from 1689! And remember, there were no satellites, or space travel, for that matter. Well, obviously. But still, it's amazing for its time. This was when Vivaldi was 11 or so.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

The Four Seasons

The piece "The Four Seasons" is one of his most, in not "the", famous songs he had ever made. You've most likely heard "Spring". I've heard it in movies and such. So, take a listen, and see if the songs are familiar.

Not Just "Four Seasons"

Vivaldi didn't just make "The Four Seasons". He is also famous for songs such as...

-46 operas, such as "La Silvia"

-447 concertos, like L'Arte dell'Arco

Vivaldi's Legacy

Vivaldi had a very special group to play his music. At that time, women were not allowed to play instruments, due to the Baroque Period Culture. But he got his group from an orphanage for girls. It was called Ospedale della Pieta (Hospital of Mercy). That was due to it being connected to a hospital. Unfortunately, people might have been offended the women were play the instruments, so they were either put in the balcony or behind a wall.

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