The Glass Castle

By: Jeannette Walls

Reprot By: Isabelle Vanderneck

Jeannette Walls lives with her alcoholic father, her shiftless mother, and her 3 siblings. They constantly struggle to find food, and when her father gets into trouble with the law, they pack up the car and move somewhere else. Life begins to get better when her mother inherits a home in Phoenix, but when her father goes on a drunken rampage they have to move again. Her family ends up in a termite infested home, with no plumbing or heating system in a poor coal mining town named Welsh. As she grows up there, her siblings and her make it their mission to get out of Welsh, and move to New York. When they finally make it there, her parents along with their problems follow her. If you want to find out if she makes it in New York, read the book!

Genre: Non-Fiction

Was the book well written

This book was extremely hard to put down, and knowing that it was a true story made me all the more interested. Jeannette wrote this book with just enough information to keep you interested, but to too much to bore you. Her life is so interesting you can't stop reading to see what tragic thing happens next.

Ending Satisfactory

The ending was very satisfactory, I don't wan't to give away what happens just incase any of you want to read it. Lets just say it was a good old happy ending.
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Recommend this book

I would most defiantly recommend this book, if you are looking fro a good non-fiction. It's very interesting and it makes you really appreciate the everyday things we are fortunate to have, such as running water, and food on the table.
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Facts about the author

Jeannette Walls now lives with her husband John Taylor in Virginia. She is a regular contributor to MSNBC, and won the 2005 Elle Reader's Prize, and the 2006 American Library Association Alex Award. The Glass Castle was on the New York Times Bestseller List for over a year as well.