Copopa Chronicle

April 30, 2019

Important Dates

5/10- 2nd Grade Field Trip

5/14- 4th Grade Field Trip

4th Grade Petting Zoo 5:00

2nd and 4th Grade Night of the Arts- Music Program, Art Show, and Book Fair 5:45-7:30

5/16- 1st Grade Field Trip

Marco's Pizza Night

5/17- Special Olympics

5/27- No School Memorial Day

5/29- Laugh Olympics

5/30- Last Day of School

Awards Assembly 1:00

9/3- First Day of School Grades 1-12

Marvelous Mondays

5/6- Sports Day

5/13- Favorite Color

5/20- Hat Day

5/28- Beach Day- No Swimsuits

3rd and 4th Grade Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our 4 finalists who will participate in the county spelling bee May 2nd: John Bodo, Natalie Miller, Gabrielle Shie, and Rayiana Negron!

April Character of the Month

This student shows INTEGRITY by doing what he/she says.

  • Follows through with actions when he/she says they’ll do something

  • Doesn’t back out on a promise or agreement

  • When says sorry for something, then he/she doesn’t do that same thing over and over again in future

Kindergarten- Zach Hadsell, Max Kishiue, Jayden Newman

1st Grade- Jackson Kihorany, Tyler Butcher, Jackson Murray

2nd Grade- Lyla Drellishak, Miranda Smith, Mason Mescan

3rd Grade- Joshua Fragapane, Noah Scharf, Gabrielle Shie

4th Grade- Chase Dennison, Carrera Cordero, Logan Menge

Big picture

The Wizard of Oz

Big picture

Slider Visits Copopa for Indians Day!

2nd and 4th Grade Night with the Arts

The 2nd and 4th grade students will be having their musical program on Tuesday, May 14th @ 6:45pm in the Middle School/Copopa Gymnasium. The students and I are so excited to share with you their musical performances. The performance will revolve around the story, Because of You by B. G. Hennessy. The students will tell the story and will perform music based on the Copopa character traits. We will discuss honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, honor, truth, and many more. This concert will feature some soloists as well as Ukuleles for the first time. Please come out and see their performance.

The 4th graders will be participating in an "instrument petting zoo" on Tuesday, May 14th before their concert. Even if the students do not want to participate in band next year, they are giving the opportunity to try all the band instruments for free at that time. There will be a 5th grade band parent meeting following the petting zoo but before the concert starts.

Prior to the Music program the students have each selected two pieces of Artwork that they created this year to display. Please take some time to wander through the Art Show beginning at 5:45 and look at all of their hard work on display.

During the Art Show the Book Fair will also be going on in Room 20. Please spend a few minutes browsing for some great summer reading for your students!

We hope that you enjoy all of the hard work that the kids have put into making this a great evening!