Nuts & Bolts

November 4, 2019

Thank you!

Congratulations! We all survived last week's spirit and the day after Halloween. I hope you all used your extra hour this weekend for something fantastic that lifted your spirit.

Thank you for scheduling meetings to chat - even if for just 15 minutes. I think these meetings have been productive because we had each other's undivided attention. You can schedule these with Autumn or Amanda who have access to my calendar or with me directly.

I had trouble last week getting those missed goals meetings on my calendar. I will try again to those rescheduled and wanted to invite you to also send me a meeting request during your planning time for 15-20 minutes for us to meet.

To jump on a popular November bandwagon - I am grateful for each of you. I have had several people recently ask me the best part of my job and hands-down, without hesitation I respond that I work with an amazing team of people who inspire me to work hard for them each day.

Have a lovely week and see you all at the staff meeting after school tomorrow!


Assistant Evals - Due Friday!

At the beginning of the year, assistant evaluations were distributed and all were asked teachers and assistants to go through this together to establish expectations. Now that we have closed 1st quarter, have some new assistants, and some are sharing assistants - it is an excellent time to re-visit this document.

Please find 15 minutes of time to sit, teacher and assistant, and complete this evaluation together. Please put a signed copy in my mailbox no later than Friday, November 8th. Teachers who share an assistant should have a discussion with all 3. In these cases, please summarize how the assistant will be splitting their time and efforts at the bottom of the document.

Coach's Corner

Finding Purpose

It’s not always about the “what;” it is about the “why." You and the students are my “why." I am inspired everyday working with each and everyone of you and working with the students. Watching relationships grow, watching collaboration across our school to build community, watching teachers and assistants have meetings to find solutions with students, practicing materials, implementing what each of you are learning, watching the students smile. You and the students are “why” I love doing what I do.

Please watch this video to get a better understanding. My challenge for you is to discover your “why,” if you have not already, and "walk in or toward your purpose."

Michael Jr: Know Your Why
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I emailed N&B instead for the week of October 14th.