Jefferson as President

Changing the Country

The New President

Thomas Jefferson’s winning the election of 1800 meant a big change for the United States. When President Jefferson took office, the whole executive branch of government changed political parties. It went from federalist to democratic republican and it was a big deal for America. This seems to be the turning point for our country.

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Marbury vs. Madison

William Marbury was one of President Adam's last appointments. when President Jefferson came to office, he refused to appoint him. Madison, President Jefferson's secretary, also refused to appoint him. Madison and Marbury took the case to court and the United States established Judicial review.

The Louisiana Purchase

President Jefferson has done many things in office, but one of the biggest changes he has made so far was buying the Louisiana territory. America wanted war with France and Spain so President Jefferson offered to buy New Orleans. Instead they offered the whole Lousiana Territory. So as of April 30, 1803 for 15 billion dollars, the Lousiana territory is apart of the United States. Purchasing the territory gave America the port of New Orleans and doubled the size of the U.S.

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Jefferson's Latest Mistake: The Embargo Act

President Jefferson inacted the Embargo Act thinking that it would teach France and England to stop seizing U.S. ships. It did not work out. We closed our ports to foreign countries and now farmers can't sell, France&Britain are getting around the act, and it's hurting us more than them. The president has really screwed up this time. How will he fix it?