Super Bowl 50 Propaganda Project

Domestic Violene Hotline


I believe this commercial was targeted at anyone who has experienced or witnessed domestic violence. It is directed towards younger couples specifically because they used young actresses in the commercial. I don't think it is directed at any specific class because domestic violence happens anywhere and to anyone.


I think the commercials psychographic audience toward "strugglers." In this commercial it uses a victim of domestic violence to relate to people in the real world who have experienced this sort of violence. The whole point of the commercial was for anyone witnessing or experiencing domestic to stand up and get help. At the end of the commercial it leaves a hotline for anyone to call to get help. The strugglers out there in the real world just want to escape from the violence and be free. This commercial attempts to get the viewers hooked on if you call this hotline all of your problems will go away and you will no longer be a victim. You will be a survivor.

Propaganda Techniques

This ad uses plain folks. It uses two friends that are going on about in their daily lives. One is a super bowl party having fun and the other is at home with "Jake." People of this generation can easily relate to this ad because they are constantly on their phones and texting their friends. Those girls were ordinary girls with ordinary lives.

This commercial also uses a form of false analogy. It is saying that if you call the hotline you will be abuse free. Everything bad thing will stop around you. In real life when you call a hotline, all they do is give you advice and tell you your options. But is that really actually doing anything? Sure it is encouraging them to get help immediately, but does that guarantee that they will get the help they need? Does that mean that as soon as they call the hotline their abusive partner will stop abusing them?


This commercial would fall under the category PATHOS. This ad appeals to the audiences emotions by subjecting them to the fear and real dangers of domestic violence. The ad uses the texting noises and background conversations to make the seen more realistic and then all of a sudden the background goes quite and the girl on the other line is struggling to respond. This immediately sends the audience into an emotion of fear of what is going to happen to the girl. It also plays on your sympathy for the girl and how the audience wants nothing bad to happen to the her.


I believe this commercial was very effective because it tapped into the audiences emotions really easily. It uses ordinary people that people in the real world can relate to. It is also very effective because people all over the world expect the super bowl commercials to be all giddy and funny, but when this commercial came on everyone went silent and felt strong emotions toward it. It made people want to help out as soon as they could.