Angel in the Kitchen Presentation

Senior Market video serie

step1: arrive early, meet a greet

Step 2: thank you for coming

Make them feel comfortable

Step 3: introduce what will be presented

1- intro/ overview


3- conclusion

4- service

5. Questions/answers

6-how to stay in touch

Step 4: raise your hand if you want to feel/ look


Improve your health

Diminish pain

Gain clarity

Sharp alertness

Fight lifestyle disease a day at the time

Improve relationship

Healthier body and mind

Healing with food lifestyle emotions

Prevention health with common sense and tips

Reversing is possible with appropriate diet and tips to archived it


Step 5: demo garbage food and drinks in front of them

Demo empty bag, do you recognize those products?

Bring a volunteer on the stage ask him/ her what he is consuming

Bring 2-3 other peoples

--- feedback: don t make feel bad

This products as been marketed and sold to everyone, consuming for a long time, we did know how armful they could be over a long term consuming, read the label, domage not get tested before, no long term study

What is going on today withour health and the connection with our food supply/ environment/ product consumption/ emotions

Raise awareness stage

Give the facts

Intro statistics

Some people I know and you may know going to early, cancer, lifestyle disease, one of this statistic but you don t want to be a statistic right?

Weight gain

Even sex drive

Hormones unbalance

Mood/ depression

Bone diseases/ lost of density

Urinary incontinence

Colon cancer give the numbers

Wrinkle and toxicity

Memory lost

Vision problem give catharac example,


Appetit concern, breathing problem



Join pains

Multiple schlerosis


Hypothyroidism toroidal prbls

Sleep disorders

Hearing lose

Lung desseases

Price of medication and addiction

Also alcohol, tv addiction, sedentarity, dementia, heart disseases

Prostate cancer--- study cancer prostate and sensibility to chemicals also breast ( give survey link all available into PDF format presentation with links( all right reserved and curtesy of photo stocks )

Opioids medication

Medical error

What they served in hospital example of the burger

Body mind connection emotions environment toxic home toxic body cosmetics and so on

You are your best long time investment

Quick demo about food



Meet grains gmo

Organic buy and the free brochure

Quick demo environment products and toxicity

Intro to chemicals

Water demo ph and finding

Quick demo lifestyle

Inactive, recommend walking tennis light exercise start slow and increase, bring a friend with you

Thai chi

Gentle Yoga for flexibility

Quick demo about emotions




Do water demo ph

Bring volunteer onstage to put the drops in

Bring that slide up

Show health seniors pics doing activities

...or use a very good video on the subject

The why this common knowledge is not mainstream:

Why unawareness

Protect corporate and brands interests

Brainwashing from the media

Low quality and cheap food dramatically increase health probes it's more money for treatments

Get data on how much cancer patient cost

Get data average on how much diabete cost or cholesterol

The easy steps you can take: learning is easy when you know what to look for

Know your dirty dozen

Gmo free material

Get them a file

Show rat survey gmo

Inflammation of the body and disseases

Guide to antioxidant food

Read the labels on products like in your shampoo, kitchen products the most commons

Education knowledge please share your knowledge with everyone should know to make a more informed choice

No quick fix and progressive improvement of health

The body Healing itself

How: get that hire

Changing diet, water,lifestyle, sleeping pattern, toxins in your home, kitchen, bathroom,laundry, emotional state

Coaching enrolled them

Presentation of the service:/ modifie according group/ age/ criteria/ outgoing outspoken/ smile/ positive

Q: how to apply all of that

A: we send angels in the kitchen all over the state to help detox

So, meet your angel in the kitchen:

Your angels will go grocery shopping for you with a prepaid store card

Your angels will choose the appropriate food for your concern and the healthiest one

Your angel will juice for you, green, vegetables, fruits all the best stuff

Your angels know how to make it tasty

Your angels can reply to your concern

Your angels know about antioxidants,good oils, brain foods, vitamins, minerals

Your angels will cook healthy meals for you and prepare storage of you for the next day

Your angel will come as frequently as you request from everyday to on everyday or once a week

Your angel know witch menu for prevention and reversing

Your angel is here to assist you

Your angel can start as soon as tomorrow

Your angel is honest, helpful, enfranchise quality of work, respect your privacy and confidentiality,is trustworthy, is outgoing and fun and you will have a great time together

Cooking and juicing for you

You will learn a lot from your angel

Your angels is cheaper that treatment

Your angel is here and care about you

Your angel will leave your kitchen net and organize upon departure of course, just relax and enjoy your time together

Make them win a free angel in the kitchen service for a week drawing

Detox: the fondanental of detox

Detox from heavy metals accumulating overtime give trouble list incl altzeihmer scientific study connection

Cookwares you use

Colors in the food


Environment air pollution diminution show quality of air decrease

Water pollution and importance of appropriate filtration system

Also use that for the book overview!!!!

Modifies slitely for book presentation

Modifie slitely for health coaching program

Modified slitely for healthy cooking classes

Modifie slytely for lifestyle diseases survivors/ cancer survivor

Use demo age of peoples

Rehears rehearsal rehearsal

Additional services

Cooking classes online/ offline/1-1

Cooking for health

Health support group weekly

Conclusion repeat

If you are interested to learn more get a brochure in the back-- then they will get a brochure by our volunteer

Fill up the form

Sign up to our VIP member list confidential to send the full presentation and get a previous of the book

Marchandising table with the book

Thank you them again, have a nice day

Glossy brochure

Follow up within 24 h

Get them a free personal interview confidential get someone to call them

If no ask concern maybe give a free try/ day or send a video to show them exactly the process from A to Z using free footage presentation or use that Facebook bizarre friend to shot, ask him how much he charges for that short product presentation

Ask for referral

Ask for additional products enrollment eg cooking classes 1-1 etc ( prepaid) any tips in cash only

Add contact info


You ve got a life to live

Food health lifestyle

Phone number


Also put disclaimer

Do not stop treatment

Get the doc thinks blah blah

Affiliate in smaller

Put bellow tittle top: simple steps to prevention and energy.... Brainstorm a tittle

I can read my iPad for presentation help

Add more images and illustrations

Add a folder on their chair

Best put their name on it

--- feed backs

To much Infos

4 meeting before someone sign up

Break the presentation over 1/ week/ 4 times

Connect with trust

Filter down peoples that are serious more than other

Smaller groups every time

Presentation big enough

Lead people with one idea at the time

Here is an alternative of taking more description and getting seeker and seeker and filling worst and worst

More and more seeker and seeker.

Conviensing that is real if you don't do versus if you do

If you want to know more sign up here idji?

That session 1 alternative to medical

1-a-a: big picture: food, lifestyle, emotion balance what the alternative can create for you introduction to home services

1-b: education/ issues: this deficiency causes that probls here that a what I can offer you, using that cookwares can give you cancer example,

That session 2- options

I like many times a week

That much/ day

The different services gold silver etc

That 3- proposal

Step 4: enrollment contract 2 months min questions, how is coming, when they start schedule,

Sales funnel


Free reports

Landing pages

Free seminars/ webinar

Come to meeting

Show demo with someone juicing and cooking on the background get them to try food

Maybe in a comfortable home setting kitchen---) house sitter

Health coaching programs

Cooking classes 1-1

Health coaching group online weekly

Brentwood Santa Monica

Bel air

A mix program

Make the presentation available to them

Always ask for the sale but you want to build a relationship I know how to help you

Niche market

For each group

Available to answer question

Lead qualification skype or meat at their home

Session video 1:

Session video 2:

Session video 3:

Session video 4:

Session video 5:

Session video 6:

Session video 7:

Video 1: alernative to costly medical system:

Work on a better tittle and keyword search

- drugs feeling worst

- nourishing the body and mind and emotions

- detoxing and cleansing

- result your health can improve

- reverse problem

- get of medication

- feeling better instead if worst and worst

- do you want to know how I can help you to do this if yes opt- in

Video 2:1-a-a: big picture: food, lifestyle, emotion balance what the alternative can create for you introduction to home services

Find better tittle keyword search

- the 6 chapters of the book: ( use product description)

1- food




5-medical system


- I can help you in each of this area home based and program individual ( depending on the options they choose)

Video 3: 1-b: education/ issues: this deficiency causes that probls here that a what I can offer you, using that cookwares can give you cancer example,

..look for better tittle and keyword search

Examples causes and problems ( that 's where the video will be different for each segment group gay mother etc)

Be specifique

Alzheimer's for senior -- alluminium

Breast cancer for sick problem young pro

Gay market HIp for immune system and what are the consequences

The facts

No solutions

Most commons probls for each group

The idea is to educate present the facts

Causes and effects no solution

- if you want to learn more how I can help you I can give you option in the next video




Environment/ products


Keep it light and overview

- could also be used as individual video demo

Video 4: That session 2- options I like many times a week That much/ day The different services gold silver etc

...find better keywords and tittle

Introduction of services:

- 12 steps health coaching programs 90 days, 1 week, 1-1 program via Skype,

- angels in the kitchen in home services is juicing detox program and healthy cooking preparation:

- 1-1 healthy cooking classes

- healthy party dinner

-the book

- healthy store where I did research the best products for you books videos cookwares cosmetics household products and natural healthy supplements

- for the mothers only healthy baby

What are you interested in, submit the form for each category will get more Infos ( use product description flyers, non video)

I put a form with multiple choices my products

Complete the form bellow and I will make you make you a proposal and send you more Infos


Options :

When they sign up

-What your angel will do for you video( copy paste the previous description)

- the different level of service? Get a week to try without contract Buy a 2 months min, cheapest 6 months, cheapest a year, cheapest 2 years contract. Bank to bank for if possible

- fees if they want to get out

Video 5: That 3- proposal

...better title and keywords

- that 's the individual free session

Reformulate what they want agree upon services

-Read the proposal highlight the guidance term of services

- send them by email if they sign up

- adjust to fit their preferences

- answer all of their questions and concern

- if you agree click here type your name and sign electronically ( a software do that)

- electronic sign up if possible

Send them invoice Wait for payment

- recurring PayPal

- store what to buy

- get your bank to bank natacha go to Bank of America get electronic form submit to the client I will not see the info

How do I known if accepted, notifie me when alert deposit or phone by phone

Start program start service reply to more questions if they need to be convince


Extra stuff :enrollment contract 2 months min questions, how is coming, when they start schedule,

Better keywords and tittle

- create a video of the a-z process, reply to questions

- use go to webinar and be there for intro and conclusion integrate the video in the middle

Extra stuff :client ready to buy get free session personal

Client sign the agreement coaching program 2 months in the kitchen home services

- agreement is ready in my folder at home but make final reviews

- bank to bank payment if possible