Lincoln Cluster Schools Newsletter

October 2020

Welcome Lincoln Cluster Families

Greetings Lincoln Cluster Families and Community Members,

Thanks to our Principals and their administrative teams, teachers and support staff, the Lincoln cluster of schools have been offering strong models of online learning and extended learning options for our young people we serve. We know and understand that these are challenging times for everyone, and more often than not, someone is hurting or healing from something they are not talking about. We ask that everyone please do what they can to give one another grace, empathy and support during these complex and challenging times. Our parent partnerships are critical to a successful online learning experience for our young people. We need to continue our collective efforts to support our young people staying connected, being engaged, and taking responsibility for meeting the learning expectations and being an active learner in the classroom community. The online learning platform is challenging and there can be obstacles to both teaching and learning, but it is also a platform that can facilitate more opportunities for connection, feedback, partnership, collaboration, and input. Let’s continue to build the experiences for our young people with purpose through collective actions and key partnerships with our families and our community members. Together we are stronger.

Bruce R. Bivins
Area 1 Superintendent

Lincoln High School

Lincoln Online Learning Update

Lincoln High School was awarded $30,000 from the San Diego Foundation to provide High Speed Internet to families in need.

Students in the Freshman Academy are participating in Project Based Learning. Check out one of the projects here.

We have expanded our pathway courses to include Computer Science and Health Science & Medical Technology.

Athletics Season 1 start date is scheduled for December 12th (pending district guidelines for COVID-19)

Knox Middle School

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Knox Online Learning Update

Knox Middle is off to a great start with online learning. Students begin each day at 8:00 am with Advisory which is centered around Community Circles, mindfulness, social emotional learning, organization, and building positive connections. At 8:30, students attend grade-level assemblies 3 days a week. The assemblies focus on celebrating student success, organization, ASB themes and topics (anti-bullying, Red Ribbon week, Spirit week, etc.), guest speakers, and positive motivation. From 9:00-12:00, Knox students attend 3 classes each quarter.

During Quarter 1, Knox math teacher Ms Pruitt hosted a public lesson study so math teachers around the country could learn more about teaching math online, using Desmos, and our implementation of the Common Core standards with CPM. Over 90 visitors attended the Zoom lesson study online.

Learn more about Knox Middle School at:

Millennial Tech Middle School

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MTM Online Learning Update

Millennial Tech Middle School (MTM) has had a great start to the new school year. With the addition of a Project Resource Teacher, counseling intern, and a site commitment to ensure that every child receives a positive reach-out, we have been able to open our lines of the home-school connection. This year, students have been able to access Title I funded programs, such as Achieve3000, Freckles, Formative, and Why Try, which aim to help increase academic achievement, as well as meet social-emotional learning needs. In addition, MTM has partnered with San Diego State University and will be hiring an additional mental health clinician to work with families, students, and peer groups. Staff has been busy attending professional developments that will continue to grow our educational mission and vision as we create learning conditions that meet students where they are. We are committed to excellence and are on a continuous mission to improve our practices. This month, students will participate in a spirit-week and pep-rally. Our goal is to bring joy to our students and to lift individual talents and skills.

Porter Elementary School

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Porter Online Learning Update

At Porter Elementary we continue our work on ensuring we are empowering all students to become effective members of their communities through instilling high expectations and developing problem-solving skills. This year, we are continuing our partnership with the Elementary Science Institution (EIS) by having weekly science lessons in our 5th grade classrooms. Our students continue to learn through this type of inquiry-based learning to strengthen their critical thinking skills. Our students were able to have a hands-on culminating experience with Scientists from Illumina.
They swished Gatorade in their mouth for a minute, deposited the liquid in a container, used a pipette to extract and transfer their saliva to a test tube with liquids that isolate and separate the DNA and make it visible. After this, students were able to see white, wispy strands in their test tubes! It was so amazing to see our scientists at work!
All this was possible because our 5th grade teachers worked hard to ensure that their students had all materials necessary at home to to take part in this learning. This was a great experience for our Porter Panthers--Paws Up!

Baker Elementary School

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Baker Online Learning Update

Baker Elementary continues it’s commitment to preparing our students for the 21st century and beyond. In addition to participation in the STEAM pilot in grades K-3, we have full time science for 3rd-5th graders and an AMAZING partnership with the Elementary Institute for Science for 5th graders! Every Baker Bobcat participates in weekly classes that include Technology, Engineering, Art, and PE! Get on your feet and keep moving Baker! We are on the UP & UP!

Nye Elementary School

Nye Online Learning Update

Nye Elementary students participating in a virtual Elementary institute of Science lesson with Scientists from Illumina. The kids extracted their own DNA from tissue inside their cheek and made DNA necklaces. They had a great time.

Valencia Park Elementary School

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Valencia Park Online Learning Update

At Valencia Park, our Online Learning Instruction begins at 8:30 every morning for our 4/Tk – 5th Grade students. Our students begin their instructional day with a community circle that centers around social emotional learning. This helps our students get ready for their online day of learning.
Currently Valencia Park is participating in the district’s Phase 1 Appointment Based Learning Reopening Plan. Students who require in-person assessments, such as, Special Education assessments and/or the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) have the opportunity to participate in these services in person.
To learn more about what is happening at our school, feel free to check out our October Newsletter

Balboa Elementary School

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Balboa Online Learning Update

Balboa is proud to share that every Friday we ask teachers to share the names of the student and a brief reason for a positive home phone call we either call or post it on ClassDojo Remember it pays both ways students get a hug at home and they strive for better academic effort when selected for a positive phone call Fridays. We are Engineering spaces and developing Alliances to move as many students into the Sphere of Success by working Smarter and Not Harder.

Chavez Elementary School

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Chavez Online Learning Update

Chavez is working hard with online learning and making sure that all of our students are safe and connected. Online learning starts at 8 a.m. every morning with live instruction via Zoom. Chavez is participating in the Incredible Years program to embrace learning by addressing both academic and social emotional needs. Students receive engaging academic lessons that have opportunities for students to learn skills on how to express their feelings. In addition, students are also able to participate in online student clubs and our interactive library time with our librarian Xenia.

Chavez is also participating in the district’s Phase 1 Appointment Based Learning Reopening Plan to support the needs of our students and to ensure they stay connected during online learning.

Horton Elementary School

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Horton Online Learning Update

Horton students have been engaged in and are persevering in their online learning. As we continue into this school year, our staff constantly assess how our students and families are navigating our current reality, and how our students are learning and progressing through their grade level curriculum. To best meet the needs of all our students, we will continue to adjust as needed to ensure we are able to provide a positive online learning experience.

This week is virtual spirit week, with our students participating in different virtual activities each day. We are also holding a virtual fall festival event with games, dancing, and a costume contest.

Horton is also participating in the YMCA-sponsored Learning Pods Pilot project, where a small number of students are supported with their online learning on campus each day. YMCA staff assist students with getting logged into their classes, monitor and support students as they participate in their online learning, and provide time to complete their homework and class assignments. Students also engage in recreational activities.

Webster Elementary School

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Webster Online Learning Update

All of Webster's teachers are working so hard on student engagement during online learning. A number of Webster teachers have taken on a new online tool called. NearPod. This online tool is supportive of student engagement. Every time I zoom into a classroom students have been trying to stay engaged and have taken on this thing we call online learning. We have also started a Webster Owl News Show we recorded biweekly and share with the Webster community. It fun and funny. Our goal is to keep the students, their families and the staff connected during these trying times.

Encanto Elementary School

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Encanto Online Learning Update

Studies show that art improves health and well-being in individuals. As we complete our second full month of Online Learning for the 2020-21 school year, we know that supporting the wellness of our students, family and staff has never been more important. Classroom teachers are engaging students through art, dance and music. Teachers incorporate visual art lessons weekly and music movement daily. Our partnership with the Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership enables us to offer music and song to our youngest learners provided by the SD Children’s Choir. The counseling department is providing both whole class and small group lessons to support student stress and emotional well-being along with Wellness Wednesday family events. Families talk, cook and even dance with us on Wednesday evenings!

Check out more pictures here!

Chollas-Mead Elementary School

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Chollas-Mead Online Learning Update

The Chollas Mead Dolphin community has been hard at work. Over the past few months we have had great success with connecting 100% of our families and students. During the October Family Zoom Event students from every classroom were recognized for their perseverance. While online learning has been an uphill course for many, we had several students who stood out. Some students went the extra mile when their internet was out or the sound on their devices was not working. They persevered and stuck to learning the daily content. Some students even took it upon themselves to drop off hard copies of their work to the individuals serving lunch. We also need to give a big SHOUT OUT to the Dolphin staff who have been completing home visits each week to help with technology needs, delivering hotspot and material. Way to go Chollas Mead Dolphins. Keep up the hard work!

Johnson Elementary School

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Johnson Online Learning Update

October Science in Action!

Johnson has a lot of engaging work going on during online learning! Each week, all students are involved in a virtual science demonstration hosted by our Science Enrichment Teacher! Students are invited to participate with her during the labs- either by watching the demonstration or by doing the experiment at the same time as the teacher. Everyday ingredients are sent to families the week before so that students can voluntarily participate by watching the experiment or by doing it alongside her. Either way- students are having a valuable experience by continuing to think critically about, answer questions and come with conclusions about the science work going on.

Great job, Johnson Tigers!!!!

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