Department of Defense


  • Department of defence was called the department of war.

  • The secretary of defense was called the secretary of war

  • Truman changed the names in 1947 to defense

  • The president is the commander in chief and leads the department of defense and commands armed forces

  • The president can order covert operations without public permission to protect national security

  • The Constitution gives Congress power to declare war

  • The last time where was officially declared was on December 8th 1941

  • We've fought in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian gulf, and middle East without formally declaring war

Major Historical Events

  • After independence was declared in the Americas the Monroe doctrine was created staying that any advances by European countries attempting to colonize or interfere with the Americas will be viewed as an act of aggression.

  • The United States resolved to isolationism at the beginning of ww2, the only participation we had was aiding some European nations, we had military personnel and equipment on standby and we're not used until the pearl harbor bombing.

  • In 1947 the spread of communism became a threat the American allies so the Truman doctrine was made and the US began sending aid to the countries at risk of being taken over to slow the spread.

Controversial topics in DoD

  • Strategic bombing of high valued targets on Islamic states in order to reduce the efforts of terrorism

  • Some think too much money goes into defence and a lot of that money should go into programs for the people of the US, estimated to be about $590 billion dollars making up about 50% of the $1.1 trillion discretionary budget

  • Many disagree with the continued support in foreign countries like Germany and Korea

  • Sexual assault in the military isn't properly dealt with

Tools of DoD

  • Deterrents- having weapons such as nuclear weapons or ICBMs and a large force willing to fight the opposition deters other countries from starting conflicts with us.

  • Military force- Having a force than can fight back in the event that retaliation or instigation is required so that an issue can be resolved.

  • Containment -containing a threat to prevent it from invading us or our allies so that we may prevent a war like the truman doctrine slowed the spread of communism so that it wasn't able to overthrow Europe.

  • Financial aid- fund others that are fighting for the same causes we are or would be to ensure that we will win.

Current goals of DoD

  • Defend the country from outside threats (duh)

  • Take precautionary actions to prevent war

  • Take care of veterans and wounded soldiers

  • Take care of active soldiers and their families

  • Ensure the safety of the American people