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The Great Emperor Of China Shi Qin Huang

I don’t think you want to make Qin Shi Huang mad. Qin Shi Huang is a well known Chinese ruler. Qin Shi Huang was a leader who established a strong civilized government in china. He was a believer in legalism. Legalism is the belief that people were bad by nature and needed to be controlled. Qin Shi Huang burned all the books that was against legalism.When Qin Shi Huang was ruling,he wanted his people to build a great wall,The Great Wall Of China.He also standardized weights, and measures,the currency and the writing system.In conclusion,Qin Shi Huang was a Chinese ruler,who believed in legelism and bulit many different buildings and monuments.

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Xia Dynasty

There has been many dynasties in china,but one stands out the Xia dynasty.The Xia dynasty was the earliest dynasty which lasted 500 years and had 17 emperors.The last ruler in this dynasty was Jie.The Xia dynasty was set up by Yu the Great.Yu the great killed many inicent people that came up with good advises. After his death,Yu’s son Qi took over the throne.

In Conclusion,The Xia dynasty was the earliest dynasty which lasted 500 years and had 17 emperors.

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Benxi Water Cave

Beautiful crystals are hanging above you.You see different colored crystals with light pink and blue,bright yellow and orange.This beautiful place is called Benxi Water cave. This cave formed over 5 million years ago.This cave is 3,000 miles long and 2 meters deep but only 300 hundreds meters of it is open to the public.The temperature in the cave stays at 10 c or 50 f. The cave is the world’s largest underground river.Coats and pants are also recommened. In Conclusion,The Benxi Water Cave is the largest under ground cave in the world and it has many different colored crystals.

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Yalong Bay

You feel the warm sand beneath your feet,it’s the warm sand of Yalong Bay.The Yalong Bay is a crescent beach which is the most popular part of the beach.The Bay is a developed stretch of Hainanese southern coastline.On the beach, there are more 20 international luxury hotels.The Yalong Bay is about 28 kilometers southwest from Sanya. Sanya airports fly over the place,some places are Singapore,Hong Kong,and Seoul. Some people on the beach surf all day.In Conclusion,the Yalong Bay was is a cresent beach with more than 20 luxury hotels on the beach.

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XI'AN=A window on China's Ancient Civilzation

Have you ever heard of the XI’AN dynasty?The XI’AN dynasty was the first capital who united China in 211 B.C .The XI’AN dynasty was the first dynasty to start the silk road.The road extends from Asia to Europe.The silk was one of the major trading points. They also created the Terracotta Soldiers.

In Conclusion,the XI’AN dynasty built many buildings,and sculptures

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Chengdu Giant Pandas

Soft fur runs through your hands there is a tiny black and white animal sitting there,it’s one of baby giant pandas.These giant pandas are found in their home town of Chengdu.Visitors can see the pandas ate the Giant Pandas at the Chengdu Giant Panda breeding and research center.You can also take part in a volunteer program at Dujiangyan Panda Valley.You can also visit the wide and narrow valleys in Chengdu.You also visit Jini Old town.You can sip tea while watching the magical face Changing in Sichuan Opera.In Conclusion,there are many different places in Chengu,many activity’s and more.

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The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in ChengDu
Benxi Water Caves Tour