Solar Energy

By:Dangelo Durant

What Is Solar Energy? What is energy?

When the sun sends out an enormous amount of energy. Energy is the capacity to do work or a source of valuable power.

Is Solar Energy efficient?

Solar energy is very efficient its renewable you get solar energy everyday when the sun comes out and shine the only problem with solar is that it's very expensive to get the the machinery that process this energy

Is Solar Energy great for your homes?

Yes solar energy is great for your homes basically the solar energy is paying for its self so this will be a good investment for your homes the only problem is when night comes

How do this energy gets captured?

A solar collector is one way to capture sunlight and change it to useable heat energy

What are solar cells made up of?

Solar cells are made up of silcon silcon is a nonmetal use for making electronic circuits

Solar Cars!

Solar cars will be great for the future especially how the gas prices are today I mean by the 2025 gas prices should be over the roof so it make sense to invest into something that's going to pay you and your family