News of the Week

September 25-29

Important Reminders!

Here are a few reminders for next week:

  • THANK YOU!!!! I was so touched and surprised by the beautiful flowers, card, and Starbucks gift card from the class! You are all so kind to think of me!! Thank you!!

  • Field Trip... about half of our class has signed up and paid for the October 13th field trip so far. The deadline was technically 9/22, but I have sent home paper forms for students who still need to be signed up- check their Friday Folder. Please plan to return the form and a cash/check for $14 on Monday. Thank you!

  • Conferences... It was so nice to see everyone! Thank you for coming!!

  • Bag Books... will be coming home on Monday! Your child will have 5 books to read at home all week and return on Friday. PLEASE help us not lose our books! I hope you love this reading time with your child each week- it will be a chance for them to show off all the awesome reading super powers they are learning!

  • Homework... We will not have official homework in kindergarten apart from the bag books, but I am going to start including a homework idea section below if you would like to work on some skills at home.

  • STEM Day... is Friday from 1:45-3:00, you are welcome to come!

  • No School for students on Monday, October 9th

  • Remember to send RED folders on Thursday and library books on Friday! We will not be checking out any new books next week due to the book fair.

Homework Ideas

Language Arts
  • Practice sight words (list below)
  • Write stories at home... try to label the pictures or add sentences by saying the words slowly and recording the sounds that you hear!


  • Count to 100 by tens and ones
  • Write your numbers 0-20
  • Count groups objects accurately (20 or less)
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...Skills We Will Work On Next Week...

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