By: Lidia Sandoval

Lidia Sandoval 5th Period

  • Photosynthesis is the process in which converting light energy and chemical energy and storing it as sugar.
  • We may notice that human and animals eat food, but plants don't eat food. Photosynthesis is how plants eat.
  • They use this process to make their own food. Since they don't have to move around to find food, the plants only stay in one place, they can also make their food anywhere as long as they have these three thing: Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Light.
  • This is how Photosynthesis looks like: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light -----> Sugar + Oxygen
  • The plant then uses them to make glucose/sugar, which is the energy/food for the plant.
  • Co2 means carbon dioxide & which refers to chemical compound collected of two oxygen atoms.
  • O2 means 2 oxygen.
  • C6H12O6 means 6 Carbon Dioxide, 12 hydrogen & 6 oxygen.
  • Plants need SUNLIGHT everyday.
  • GLUCOSE is what plants have in the leafs.