The Connection Week 3 Term 4

Huapai District School 4th November 2021



There’s great stuff happening out there with your children. At times I feel really distant from what’s happening within our online learning, within our connections and with our Huapai kids operating from home. The stories I hear, the work I do see and the responses I am getting are really positive and encouraging. Encouraging for you, our hugely committed and supportive parents and community, encouraging for our staff who are working so hard and desperate to make things work for their children and encouraging for us as a school in seeing the character of our school and children tested and successful - thank you.

November 15th seems to be a key date for schools, significant in the requirement for all staff working in a school to be vaccinated. It also seems likely that on the other side of this date, we could well see some action around back to school. We have no more details than parents but are looking forward to putting a plan in place that will see children back at school - whatever that looks like!

Whilst managing the “now” we are also needing to advance our preparation for 2022. Within this newsletter is an opportunity to input into placement for next year. Our staff have also started the process of identifying combinations and considerations as we head towards compiling class lists. This is an opportunity for you to also input.

Thanks again for your support and consistency.

Take care out there.

John Petrie

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 5th November (tomorrow) - Virtual Assembly

Virtual Assembly

We would love to welcome you to join our online assembly this Friday 5th November at 2pm.

Student Of The Week

Lauchlan (Year 0) says: "I like Huapai School - I think I’m really going to love it here. We have the best pump track ever! I’ve learned how to get into zooms and meet people. I have a new friend already, Charlie."

Getting To Know...

Cathy Gray

I have been working at Huapai District School for over 20 years. My very first year I was in charge of the Teaching Resource Room and after that I moved to the library where I have been the librarian since. I really love being in the library. A huge source of enjoyment is when children are so excited about books, they can’t wait to read the latest book in a series and together we discover the new books. I love gardening, sewing, walking and spending time with my family.

Parent Input For 2022 Class Placements

As we move towards the end of year, our thoughts must also turn to 2022. As a school, our primary focus is the wellbeing of your child. We spend weeks discussing the best placement for your child in 2022, taking into consideration the academic, social and emotional needs of your child. We would like to offer the opportunity for you to supply any additional information that we should take into consideration when placing your child in a class for 2022.

If you wish to submit additional information, please submit the form linked below before noon on Friday 12th November.

If you have difficulty opening this form please contact the School Office:

100km Bike Ride Challenge To Raise Money

We are so proud of three wonderful boys, Henry, Lukas and Max, who have now completed the challenge they set for themselves to raise awareness of refugees and the crisis world wide they face and raise a little bit of money to go towards helping refugees displaced here in NZ. It was pertinent that the crisis that happened in Afghanistan occurred during the time of the boys challenge and they could see how heartbreaking it was for those lucky enough to escape their homeland but still land in a foreign country and arrive with very little.

Whilst lockdown meant that half of the 10 bike rides had to be done without their friends, and only a parent to keep them company and ensure their safety, they all still strived to meet the challenge!

The boys were lucky enough to complete their 10th ride together under slightly reduced lockdown restrictions, which was an awesome way to finish.

Thank you to the boys’ parents who rode along; Michaela Gabor, Stefan Gabor, Abbie Cossey, and Glen Cossey. You also did an incredible job doing the rides too.

Boys, we admire your efforts and the fact that three 9 year old boys had the empathy and selflessness to think about others less fortunate than themselves. Well done!

The Give A Little page they created is still live. If you would like to donate, please do so at the Give A Little link below.

If you are keen watch a video of the boys’ adventure, please visit our school Facebook page


Bookings for bubbles - a reminder that the bubbles are only an option for those families who do not have an adult at home. Where possible we encourage you to explore other options such as shared care with a neighbour or friend. Bookings close for the week ahead on Friday at noon on KINDO.

Touch Rugby Update

Both Kaipara and Kumeu Touch Rugby clubs have decided to postpone the start of the summer competition until January 2022. We will be in touch closer to the start date to check teams are still keen.

Lockdown Learning


When an ice cube is put in a clear plastic bag, sealed and heated on a wire rack over hot water, what happens?

School Wide Challenge - Spoonville

Thank you for submitting your wonderful spoon photos this week. The creativity is outstanding - there are even Mr Petrie and Mrs Lloyd lookalike spoons! Tune in to the assembly tomorrow to see many more and to find out the details of our school wide challenge for next week.

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