Isometric Drawings

Reflection Questions


If I had the chance to do this piece again, I would create a logo which requires more thought when making it 3D. For the one I chose, it was fairly straight forward as I only made the letters 3D and the outside bits were just 2D. I would also add other graphics to it to make it more of a challenge and more interesting.

I would make my other pattern designs with more colour and use my knowledge of contrasting and complementary colours on the colour wheel to improve it.

Things I would like to try that others have done

One thing that I have seen in my classmates pieces that I would like to try would be creating borders on my logo design and creating 3D, abstract shapes in patterns. I would also like to learn how to create holes in my shapes while still keeping them 3D.

Teacher Comments

If I were a teacher, the comments I would give about this pieces include mostly a good idea of creating shapes 3D in my 2nd drawing and mostly in my 3rd however my 1st, simple drawing does not include 3D. Something I could work on would be to think about colour more.


I would give my drawings a C or maybe C+ because I believe it is at least up to the expected standard for my age. I also believed I created a more complex design than some which is why it potentially might be a C+.


Some difficulties I encountered was creating holes in my complex design while still keeping it 3D. I overcame this by researching some examples of how holes and put in and using this to understand and know where to place the blocks to make it look realistic.

By Tegan Burns