From Wood to Pencils

by Greta


Hey every body If you are reading this you want to know how pencils are made. all the facts are down hear so read on!


First people cut wood and use that for the outer peace of the pencil. People put that in a factory and then they will use it later when the pencils done.


Next people mix clay and graphite together. Then they mix water and river stones in the mixture. Next people put it in a bow mill that turns it for twenty hours. Pencil are pumped with the slurry throw filter presses. After this their new form is called a cake the cakes are set to dry then the cakes go back in the water next pac the cakes in a pacing ram to avoid

air. Then people shape it into led. next people pore graphite then the wood gets sanded and panted and gets a eraser and it is done!


you can find pencils at target and wallmart.

Fun Facts

Most of the time people use cedar to make a pencil because it's strong and it smells good. Long ago people called pencils pencilos!


That is how you make a pencil hope you leaned something from what i told you.
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