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Capitol & Cities

This is a picture of Port-au-Prince

* Port-au-Prince (capitol)

* Delmas

* Carrefour

* Cap-Haitian

* Abricots


-France used to control Haiti

-It became independent in 1789

-It is no longer controlled by any other country

-It's official language is Hatian Creole French.

The Hatian Flag

The flag had a blue stripe on top, a red stripe on bottom, and a picture in the middle.

Geographical informatio

This is a picture of the Massif de la Hotte Mountains

-Haiti is located Southeast of Cuba

----Physical Features----

-Noires Mountains,

-Les Trois River,

-Massif de la Hotte Mountains.

Political Information

- They have a Semi-Presidential Republic

- There leader is Michel Martelly

Economic Information

This picture is of the Hatian Gourde

- There Currency is the Hatian Gourde

- There economic system is capitalism

Tourist Information

This picture is of the Las Cayes Waterfall

-People should visit Haiti because of there beautiful sights.

-One sight they should most definitely see is the Las Cayes Waterfall

3 Interesting facts

1. Beautiful Sights
2. Independent
3. Beautiful Cpaitol


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