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Where To Start?

At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we understand planning a funeral is difficult. Our staff is is here to guide you through the whole process.

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Pre-Planning a Funeral

Are you worried about leaving the funeral planning burden on your family? At Eternal Rest Funeral Home we can help you pre-plan your funeral. We understand this may be a difficult process, however it will ensure your family that you wishes were met. We can help you pick a casket and where you would like to be buried. We will decide if you would like an open or closed casket service, or if you would like to have a viewing service. If you would like to be cremated you can decide if you would like to do so before or after your funeral service. The order of service can also be planned as well. You can let us know about your religious preferences, if there is a particular scripture you would like to have read, or even if there is a song you would like to have played. By having this all planned out, your family will be able to honor you instead of worrying if they are fulfilling your wishes.

If you would like a casket below is a link to help you make an informed decision if you feel you need more assistance

If you choose to be cremated click the link below to search for urns.

Family Planning

Was there no detail or direction left by your loved one before the passed away? Let us help you and your family in this difficult time. We will walk through every different service we offer to ensure that you give your loved your loved one the funeral they would have wanted. We will help you decide who will do the funeral service, whether it be one of our clergy's or somebody chosen by you to suite your religious preferences. We will help you decided where burial or cremation is the correct choice. We will ask questions you may otherwise have not considered, do the have a favorite outfit or piece of jewelry they may want to wear? Are they an organ donor or do you believe they would want to donate their organs? These are just a few of the factors we will help you work through while planning your loved ones funeral.

Cultural Factors

We understand that different cultures and religions have different funeral customs. We would like to make sure the cultural and religious rituals are met if you choose to have us preform your loved ones funeral. We will be sure to bring in the pastor, priest, or rabbi that suits your religion. We ensure their will be the proper Bible, Torah, Koran, or other holy book or your religious preference available to be read.

Need Financial Assiatance

Eternal Rest Funeral Home understands sometimes death occurs unexpectedly and planning a funeral for a loved one can be costly. That is why we offer payment plans and other financial assistance to be sure that your loved one is able to receive the funeral they deserve.

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We want to show you we care and want to make sure you feel supported during this time in you life.

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