Common Sense Economics Workshop

Genesee ISD 9/25/2015 8am-3pm

No cost to attend

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6 SCECH available through the Genesee ISD.

Common Sense Economics Intro

What's Included?

  • Free access to Common Sense Economic electronic package that includes flexible course shell, standard learning objectives, videos, exercises, audio clips, Excel spreadsheet activities, homework assignments, and a test bank for quizzes and exams
  • Electronic package ease of transfer to various learning course management systems like Blackboard and Moodle
  • Innovative instructional tools
  • Instruction on use of materials and resources
  • Light breakfast and lunch
Common Sense Economics website

What everyone should know about wealth and prosperity.

Common Sense Economics Workshop

Friday, Sep. 25th, 8am-3pm

Genesse ISD

2413 W Maple Ave

Flint, MI 48507

Room 101. Enter through door #1.

6 SCECH available through Genesee ISD

No cost to attend

Common Sense Economics Course Package

The Stavros Center for Economic Education at Florida State University (FSU) has worked with a team of master teachers to develop a Common Sense: Economics for Life! course package. It focuses on what beginning students really need to know: the operation of markets, importance of entrepreneurship, the institutional elements of a prosperous economy, the economics of political decision-making, and important principles of personal finance.

The course pairs the economics primer Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know about Wealth and Prosperity (St. Martin’s Press, 2010) with media technology in a manner that makes learning fun. The electronic package includes a flexible course shell, standard learning objectives, videos, exercises, audios, Excel spreadsheet activities, homework assignments, and a test bank for quizzes and exams. It is broken down into 15 core modules, one for each week of a normal semester. Everything is ready to transfer to various course management systems, including Blackboard and Moodle.


7:30-8:00 AM
  • Registration, computer readiness, coffee and breakfast provided.

8:00-9:45 AM

  • Overview of the CSE course: Modules, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests
  • Part 1: 12 Key Elements of the Economic Way of Thinking,
  • Modules 1 through 4, content and review

9:45-10:00 AM

  • Break

10:00-11:30 AM

  • Part 2: 7 Key Factors for Growth and Prosperity,
  • Modules 5 through 7, content and review

11:30-12:15 PM

  • Lunch provided.

12:15-2:00 PM

  • Part 3: Economics and the Role of Government
  • Modules 8 through 11, content and review
  • Part 4: Personal Finance
  • Modules 12 through 15, content and review

2:00-3:00 PM

  • Other special features of the package including "Controversies in Economics" video series and Supplementary Modules A through D. These modules cover supply and demand in more detail; GDP; inflation; and employment statistics; monetary and fiscal policy; and the Great Depression and recent financial crisis.
  • Discussion of cooperative efforts

Derek D'Angelo

Derek D’Angelo has recently been named the President and Chief Academic Officer of the Michigan Council on Economic Education and is entering his 19th year of teaching at Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township, Michigan. His current assignment is teaching Advanced Placement Microeconomics & Macroeconomics and 3 classes of general economics. Derek is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and received his Master of Arts in Teaching from Wayne State University.

Derek has a passion for integrating technology into his instruction and was named a top 100 Digital Innovator in American classrooms by PBS LearningMedia in 2014-2015. Derek has implemented a paperless classroom using the Common Sense Economics Blackboard course and supplemented instruction with electronic tools available from the St. Louis Federal Reserve, EconEdlink, Everfi, and more. He regularly presents at conferences to demonstrate best practices of technology implementation to his colleagues. Utilizing his experience with online instruction, Derek was an Economics Moodle online course development consultant for Oakland Schools in Michigan and won a Crystal Apple Award from the Michigan Council on Economic Education. The National Education Association (NEA) selected Derek to be part of their inaugural Teacher Leadership Initiative while the Center for Teaching Quality identified Derek as a 2014 rising leader in education.

Outside of the classroom, Derek serves as a member of the Ordinance Board of Appeals & Zoning Board of Appeals in the City of Sterling Heights, Michigan.


6 SCECH available through the Genesee ISD.