Griffin, Hour 9

Summer Fun

I played baseball over the summer. I played it with my friends from Abrams. We had a lot of fun. We played at Howard, Pulaski, De Pere, Abrams, and Oneida. I played over the summer of 2015. I got a ride there by my family and players on my team. Then finally I played baseball because I love to play sports and I got to have fun with my friends.

Look At Me!

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This is me swinging my bat.
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This is me throwing a baseball.

Science Connection

Connection #1

It connects to science because when you hit a ball the momentum from the bat transfers to the ball in witch makes the ball go far. So when you swing the bat harder more momentum will be transferred and it will go far. But if you swing the bat slow and hit the ball it will travel a little distance.

Connection #2

When you hit the ball it has momentum but when it his the ground it loses momentum then the friction from it rolling will eventually stop it. So when you bunt the ball will stop very fast because there will be very little momentum so it will not roll that fast and it will stop. But if you hit the ball hard it will stop faster because it is rolling faster so more friction is happening. But if there is short grass it will take longer to slow down than if there is long grass.

I Wonder...


1. Will a ball go farther with a wooden or metal bat?

2. Will a baseball roll farther on grass or dirt?

3. If you dive will you go farther than when you slide?

4. Can you run faster in the slide faster on grass or dirt?