Mr. Ebeling's Updates

Navigating the C's TOGETHER

The Summer Seas are calm and the skies ahead look promising!

I am sure you are all saying the same things right now, "Wow, this school year flew bye...and so is the summer!" It has! We work in a field where there is no lack of work to be accomplished and we work until the job is done. Your brains are always planning! It is hard work and rewarding all at the same time! I look forward to going through this all with you next year. Even though there will always be an endless amount of learning, please take time to rest and rejuvenate over the summer. I will continue to update you with information as necessary and please fee free to contact me ANY TIME!


Cell Phone: (920) 819-8416

I Need To Hear From You

As the new leader of Bay Harbor I want to absorb as much information and learn as much from you and about you as possible! TOGETHER we will continue to grow and foster a positive climate and culture with high expectations for all. My main Year 1 goal will be to support you and try to remove any possible roadblocks that will impede your success! Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the "Listening Session" Google Form. Your feedback is great and helpful! If you haven't yet, PLEASE take time to provide me with any information you would like me to know about you and the school! <Click Here>

I would also like to meet with you in some format to get to know you better; please email me to set up a time in July or August. The meetings I have had so far have been excellent and informational! <>


Most of you have picked up your Macbooks and are excitedly learning new things each day. I know I am! As a reminder the cases are in so please pick them up when you can. I recommend that you spend time going through the ScoTutor found on the Launch Pad. Learn as much as you can about the machine so you can begin seeing how it can help you transform your teaching.

I do not know the official date that the iPads will be in, but I will update you as soon as I hear anything. Fun times!! Please contact me with any questions. Please also know that everyone is at a different level of knowledge and comfort with technology. Don't fret if you feel "behind", we all are to some extent and will work together to get better each day!

Macbook Trainings Offered:

July 24th- Howard LMC- 9:00am

July 31st- Howard LMC- 9:00am

Schoology Course and Training Information

Ryan Welnetz and Amy LaRonge have sent communication regarding Schoology trainings as well as a course they put together for people who couldn't make it to a training. CLICK HERE to read the email from Ryan which includes information about signing up for the self-paced course and the upcoming training dates.

Technology Peer Coaches

To help implement the Digital Transformation, Bay Harbor will have three teacher Peer Coaches, a TIS (Kathleen Joynt), and myself who will attend a week long APPLE CORE training to learn more about the devices and implementation.

We want to ensure enough support systems are in place to help answer questions, coach colleagues and collaboratively work within your grade level or department. By providing these support services to our staff, we can further work to build the capacity of all staff during the next two implementation years of the Digital Transformation. Remember, it is a process. You will hear more about the SAMR model as a process for technology integration.

The Bay Harbor Peer Coaches will be: K-2 Lauren Olsen, 3-Lydia Storby, 4-Kara Bunkelman

Thought You Should Know

School Improvement Planning (Data Retreat)

Our SIP/Data retreat was held on June 11th and 12th from 1-4. Being that data is consistently looked at by teachers and the school throughout the year, our focus was more about finding growth opportunities as a school/classroom and action planning to ensure a successful "Plan-DO-Check-Act" process!

Team members:

  • Alison Hamacher
  • Mary Kiefer
  • Joanna Korth
  • Ann VanEgeren
  • Sara Vanevenhoven
  • Megan Van Iten
  • Jessica Schneider

We went into the meeting with the mindset, "What are we willing to do different to ensure ALL students learn?". I feel like a good ground work was laid for this. The team worked extremely hard and many professional conversations were had regarding data and next steps. I will now work to organize our brainstorms and contact any key players necessary to flush out an organized and student-focused plan. More communication will come out in the weeks and month to come.

Tony's Summer Schedule


1st- My "Official" contract as Bay Harbor Principal begins!

2nd, 3rd- Office Hours, Listening sessions with Staff

4th, 5th- OFF

8th-12th- Office Hours

15th-19th- Office Hours

22nd-26th- Apple Core Technology Training

24th- Elementary Principal's staffing meeting and scheduling

29th- Aug. 2- Office Hours


5th-9th- Office Hours

12th-16th-Office Hours

17th- Tall Ships Festival (Now that I am a Sailor I need to learn more about ships!)

19th- New teacher Orientation

19th-23rd- Office Hours

27th- Welcome back Teachers.....take a deep breath, we are not there yet:)

28th- Open House


3rd- Best Day of the Year!!!!!!!

On the Horizon

Here are some things floating around my brain... (in no particular order)

  • Bay Harbor= Our second home and a place we are excited to be at!
  • SIP plan- School focus to "Close the Gaps" and extend learning
  • Scheduling
  • Data days (beginning of the year)
  • Literacy Focus and PD
  • Behavior Plan
  • Transforming teaching practices through the use of technology
  • PLC focus
  • CCSS
  • Data and School Report Cards
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • Meet the principal school grounds clean-up (Aug. 17th, 9:00am)
  • BH family communications- Kindergarten, First Day of School Information
  • School Committees
  • Staff meetings and assemblies

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