The Timeline Of Pi

So Many Numbers

Pi Throughout BC

Pi In Anceint Egypt

Pi has occurred in many many eras. It first occurred in 1650 B.C in the form of the Rhind Papyrus, formulated for the area of a circle that makes Pi equal to (16/9)2=3.1250

Pi in Babylon

In 1600 BC the Babylonians inscribed a geometrical statement into a clay tablet, saying pi is 25/8=3.1200

Pi From The Hebrew Bible

In 400 BC in the Temple of Solomon the Hebrew Bible has an inscription of a ceremonial pools dimension which include a diameter of 10 cubits as a circumference of 30 cubits making pi somewhere around 3.

Pi with Archimedes

In 250 BC Archimedes was a very famous scientist he was well known for his work. He decided to work with pi. He created a 96 sided polygon wich was equal to 223/71 <pi<22/7 and or 3.1408<pi<3.1429

Pi in AD

Pi with zu Chongzi

In 400 A.D zu Chongzi a famous mathematician of his era calculated to be around 355/133

But then applying it to a 12288 sided polygon with a correct assumption for the first 7 digits.