6th Grade Challenge Brief

Project Requirement 1.

Some similarities between USA,England and Cuba are that they have holidays off of school.They vote for some of there leaders and there are laws against killing.

Some differences are the amount of people that vote and how those people are chosen.How the laws are made like USA has a constitution.England has a queen and king that make laws by parliament And in Cuba the highs leader make the laws.

Project requirement 2.

A Government should have limited power because if they didn't,the government would control everything and the citizens could not do anything. The citizens would be treated unfairly.

Project Requirement 3.

The roles and responsibilities of a citizen in USA. Citizens have different jobs and they can because they are in a limited government. They are allowed to vote for their president.They vote to make laws. The education good and students don't go to school on holydays.Because its a limited government.

The roles and responsibilities of a citizen in Cuba which is an unlimited they work but they get the same amount no matter how they work. Only few people are allowed to vote and only the leader makes the laws. there is free school for all years.

Project Requirement 4.

people influence the government by voting because when people vote every vote counts.