Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

News to Know!

September 18, 2016

It was a busy 2nd week of school, and I think our class is starting to settle in to a smooth routine. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Field Trip Forms

The field trip forms were sent home on Friday. Please complete the three forms and return with your child by September 26.

September 30 is our field trip to the Team Leadership Center (aka Outdoor Learning Center).

Home Folders and Planners

This is a rerun of last week's article. It's that important!

Each night, your child should bring home, at a minimum, his/her Home Folder and Planner. Their Home Folder will consist of two pockets: one side is for items that "go home, stay home" and the other side is for those items that are for you to see, but can stay home. The students will be writing all their assignments in their planners along with reminders that they don't want to forget.

Please look at both the Home Folder and Planner nightly. You may have to remind your child to show you their folder and planner in the beginning of the year as they work on developing the good habit of showing you without being reminded.


Another oldie but goodie-

5th graders should expect to have about 50 minutes of homework each night. They will be expected to read at least 20 minutes per night. I do not care what they read, so long as they read. In line with that, there may be evenings when the workload for the other subjects does not allow for a full 20+ minutes of reading. That's okay! I know they will be reading the material from those other subjects as they work on them.

An exception to the 50 minutes of homework expectation is if your child did not finish an assignment from class. This assignment may be sent home to be completed so that your child is ready to fully participate in class the next day.

Thank you in advance for encouraging your child to complete their homework and helping them develop good study and work habits.

What We are Learning this Week

Writer's Workshop begins this week! We will be writing about turning points in our lives in such a way that the reader can experience our experiences too. We will be studying other authors' stories to spark ideas for our own stories. At the end of the week, we will critique our previous writings and determine our individual writing goals.

We will be working on various objectives this week in ELA. We will be practicing techniques that will help us read faster and longer and help us "see" what we are reading. As we continue reading Edward's Eyes, we will be using the subtexts within the book to help us make inferences about what is being read.

Factor and divisibility are the main focus this week in Math. There will be a test on the concepts covered since the beginning of the year (lessons, 1.1-1.6). Studying the completed Study Links pages will help your child review.

Upcoming Events

September 20

STAR Math Test

September 21

STAR Reading Test

September 26

Picture Retakes

September 28

Sten Kordon Benefit

September 30

Field Trip to the Team Leadership Center

October 4

STEM Shuttle Bus Visit

October 7

Homecoming Parade