Women's History & NJ STEM Month

Some great resources for your classroom and for home!

Marching On! Making a Difference in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

March is designated National Women's History Month. In the classroom and at home, we use this time for special studies, highlighting the many important -- and overlooked -- contributions women have made in advancing our society and world.

This newsletter is chock full of activities: from an explanation of why we have a special month for Women's History, to suggestions of movies to watch, to activities for home and for school, stories of girls making history today, and a TED talk that will inspire us to teach our girls and young women to be brave. Hats off to the moms, sisters, and daughters all over the world making change, every day.

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8 Movies to Watch for Women's History Month
Aretha Franklin - Respect [1967] (Original Version)

Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance

In 2016, Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance became one of five New Jersey ecosystems, managed by the NJ STEM Pathways Network. In 2017, we were accepted into the national community of STEM Learning Ecosystems, and we are currently one of 84 internationally recognized groups focusing on networking and partnerships to create a strong STEM workforce.

A collaboration of K-12, higher education, business/industry, and community partners working together, our mantra is “STEM for ALL,” with a focus on underrepresented populations. The goal is to develop skills in future innovators and creators who will contribute to the economy of New Jersey.