Weehawken High School News

February 2019

TV Studio Up and Running

After much time and delays, the new WHS TV studio is fully operational. The studio was the last component of Phase 2 of referendum construction at the high school. With the addition of the new state of the art equipment, and a dedicated room Mr. Flores and his production crews can churn out news that will rival CNN and FoxNews.

Enhanced special effects equipment along with green screen technology allows members of the crew to be whisked away to Milan or Hawaii, and then circle back to Madison Square Garden in a few key strokes. It gives the students opportunities to generate a professional looking product, and also affords them the chance to work in an atmosphere similar to what they would encounter in the workplace.

This real world experience can only enhance their respective values when they go to college and beyond, having already been exposed to equipment only top networks utilize. Just another example of how WHS prepares their students for life beyond 53 Liberty Place.

Class of 2020 Senior Portraits are being taken on the WHS Stage April 26, 2019

Although graduation is a year away for our current Juniors, it is still time to prepare for next year. The initial indoctrination to senior life is the yearbook photo. Each incoming senior will be sent an appointment card in the mail as well as receive an email from Mrs. Mantineo, the yearbook advisor. Both will state a specific time that each student will be photographed. It is the responsibility of each incoming senior to confirm his/her appointment with the company. They will need to follow the directions on the appointment card to confirm theirr appointment.

To confirm or modify the senior portrait session, they will need to utilize the company’s online scheduling website located at: http://www.photoappointment.com LOGIN using the unique code printed on each appointment card.

There is a sitting fee of $10 to be paid at the session directly to the photographer. This fee covers a cap and gown pose, the yearbook pose and one personal outfit of theirr choice. Any additional personal outfits are $10 each. In the interest of uniformity and quality, all senior portraits that will appear in the 2020 Yearbook must be taken by Prestige Portraits.

After the portraits are taken, proofs will be mailed to each incoming senior along with an ONLINE login, from Prestige Portraits and they will be asked to select which pose they would like submitted to the yearbook. They will have the opportunity to purchase portrait packages, but are under no obligation to do so. In addition, they will need to make sure both their physical and email addressees are current on the school system or they will not receive your proofs.

Please email Mrs. Mantineo with any questions about the class of 2020 Senior Portraits : cmantine@weehawken.k12.nj.us

Open House Success

On February 21, WHS opened its' doors to prospective parents and students during its' annual Open House. The agenda was a little different than in years past. There was the a slide show, that promoted all of the recent changes in WHS including; the new girl's swimming team, as well as boys and girls lacrosse teams, the successful return of wrestling, ski and robotics clubs, AP Capstone, etc. This tried and true formula is a nice way to present an overview of WHS. But in addition to information saturation, administration decided to deliver the message right from the beneficiaries.

Two panels, devised of parents and students respectively, gave an insider's look at what it's like to attend to Weehawken High School, and why they chose it over other schools. The parent panel consisted of some WHS alumnus, and tuition parents, who went out of their respective ways to enroll, or pay for, their children to get a Weehawken education. Their stories were all heartwarming as the mentioned what their options were, and how easy the decision to come to WHS was for them, regardless of the cost. This point was hammered home by the student panel.

As each student took turns speaking, it was apparent to anyone in the audience that the message of community and pride was felt by all in this tight-knit high school. The students spoke with great passion on how Weehawken has provided all the necessary tools to make any child a success. Shane Epstein-Petrullo, and Alice Yao, both remarked how they attended St. Peter's Prep, and Hi-Tech initially, but felt little rigor in the challenge of each, and promptly returned home. However, it was not just the academics that brought them back, it was the sense of family that set WHS apart which was echoed by Mr. Ferullo in his closing remarks.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the parents and guests were invited into several mini-lessons, run by Mr. Fischer, Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Parkinson, and Mrs. Eberhard. In those classrooms they got a glimpse of what the day-to day classroom experience is like in Weehawken. The evening ended in the Student Dining Center, with finger foods, pastries, and cookies all made and prepared by the Culinary Class and Mr. Mantineo. All in all, the Open House was a small sample of all that's great at WHS.

Student Exchange Success

WHS students were afforded the chance to get to see how other students run their day to day, when two separate groups visited Pompton Lakes HS, and A. Harry Moore School, for the physically disabled, in Jersey City. Both trips yielded eye-opening experiences.

Although PLHS had outstanding academics and clubs, that the students raved about, most cam back discussing security. Many of the students who attended the Pompton Lakes trip were amazed at the ease of which they entered the building. There was no security desk, or visitor retention area to go through. They simply walked in an unlocked door! Staff and students at PLHS were not required to wear ID cards, or check in each the morning. A far cry from the safety at WHS. PLHS relies on internal and external cameras to secure their building. WHS has had external cameras, and recently added internal cameras, making it one of the most secure high schools in the state. The students who attended the A. Harry trip also saw significant security measures, but their overall experience was significantly more humbling.

For the first time these students came face to face with an entire school of students with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. As they walked the halls, the first thing they realized was they were often the only ones actually doing that; the vast majority of AHM students require wheelchairs, walkers, or even personal aides to ambulate around the building. At lunch they were also in the minority of those capable of feeding themselves, as many students required adult assistance, and the more disabled required feeding tubes to eat! In the classroom, the group was overwhelmed with the details and procedures, clearly labeled throughout each room, for the educational requirements of each student, as well as the state of the art technology, such as an Optical Mouse, some required to get through assignments. They were amazed with the "rock star" status they had upon entering A. Harry, as the resident students were thrilled to have outside guests. The group got to play an impromptu, modified, basketball game with the students, that was indeed the highlight of the trip.

Both trips were well received by the students, who came back hopeful that there would be more exchanges soon. In fact, a student from each group approached Mr. Ferullo, in the hopes to create clubs for these activities. Yet another example of forward thinking WHS students.

WHS Girls Basketball Making All Sorts of History

The accolades keep piling up for the WHS Girl's Basketball team. After coming back from down 9 late in the 4th quarter to knock off St. Mary's, the Lady Indians claimed their third consecutive NJIC championship. The basketball team is the first ever to win three consecutive championships in girl's sports, and it marks the first time its' been done in Weehawken in almost 20 years. The win was also a milestone for Head Coach Chris Hernandez as he notched his 100th career victory.

At 21-4, the girls earned the first ever Number 1 seed for a Weehawken girl's program, in a State Tournament, as they topped North 2 Group 1. In addition, the girls were ranked 7th overall in the State in Group 1, 8th overall in Hudson County, and 6th in the NJIC. They extended their season as they completely overwhelmed #16 seed Weequahic High School, of Newark, in the first round of the State Tournament 54-30. The girls take on #8 seed Belvidere High School on Feb 28 at 7:00 at WHS, with their sights clearly set on a first ever State Championship!

Girls' Swimming Caps Strong Second Season With First Team Victories!

The Weehawken Girls Swim team received their first wins of the season, scoring 54-30 against Hudson Catholic and 56-36 against North Bergen. Times dropped from all participating swimmers including Captain Sophie Axtens, who now has a school record time of 28.55 for the 50 Freestyle and 1:03.16 for the 100 Freestyle event. Sophie placed 1st in both the 50 and 100 Freestyles against Bayonne High School in the final meet of the season. Sophie also earned the swim team's 1st medal at the Hudson County Swimming Championships for the 200 Individual Medley with a time of 2:46.43. Her hard work and dedication to the team is admirable. Axtens was far from the only bright spot this year.

The 200 Freestyle Relay time dropped drastically from 2:42.98 in the beginning of the season to ending the season in 3rd place against Bayonne with a time of 2:19.48. (Sophie A., Rylee I., Maggie J., C.Cruz) Co-Captain Graci Wade placed 1st against McNair in the 200 Freestyle with a best time of 3:11.65. Best times were also displayed by freshmen Maggie Jacobs who placed 1st in the 200 IM and 100 Butterfly against Hudson Catholic. Carina Cruz placed 1st in the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1:45.32 against McNair. Danielle Whelan swam her best time, placing 1st in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 1:31.21. With the dedication the ladies have displayed thus far, there is no doubt that there are more wins on the horizon for Weehawken Swimming.

WHS Hosts First Ever Junior High Wrestling Meet

At WHS we try and make everyone feel a part of the school. For 7th and 8th graders it's a little more difficult because they are limited to recreation for athletics. Coach Montalbano has made great effort to change this through his wrestling program. Since there is no true feeder program, Coach Montalbano has kept the younger students active in conditioning as part of the Wrestling Club. But lifting weights and doing farmer's walks can only be so much fun, so he decided to step up. He and Vice Principal DeStefano reached out to some local high schools, and they were able to arrange a match for these 7th and 8th graders.

In front of a raucous crowd, comprised mostly of the Varsity squad, the young Indians were able to beat Cliffside Park Junior High School, in the first ever Weehawken Junior High wrestling match. Big pins from Emilio Acosta, Andrew Deronde, and Brandon Fernandez helped the Indians gain the lead early on. Great victories from Matthew Newmark and Rocco Ontiveros helped to secure the win. Outstanding performances from Dante Calabrese, Bryan Fana, Alfredo Rodriguez, Joseph Orecchio, and Dominick Gonzalez prevented Cliffside Park from getting back into the match. An outstanding job from a dedicated team, led by an amazing coaching staff.


On The Horizon

3/4 MP 3 Progress Reports Due

3/6 School Day SAT, Juniors

3/20 PTO meeting 7:00

3/27 All-District Concert @ WHS 6:30 pm

3/29 School Recognition Meeting 2:30

WHS Spring Sporting Events:

Seasons will begin in April. Please be sure to check out the March Newsletter for the calendar