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I need some help on COLLEGE CAMPUSES

Hi All,

I'm reaching out to you because I need some help growing my Plexus business. Plexus is a company that sells health supplements that have had a wonderful track record for helping people regulate blood sugar, lose weight (HELLO, FRESHMAN 15), manage blood pressure (JUST WAIT TILL FINALS), thyroid issues, diabetes, cholesterol problems, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue (HELLO, COLLEGE), migraines (HELLO, COLLEGE), Acid Reflux (HELLO, CAFETERIA FOOD AND LATE NIGHT PIZZA ORDERS), IBS, will power over food (HELLO, FRESHMAN 15)!

This is what I need and am willing to do.

Post some posters for me on your student campus and around town. I'll pay $1 a poster. I'll provide the poster and you put it up.

I'll pay $5 for every customer order you bring me. I can help you get some samples if you want some!

I'll pay $10 for every customer that orders preferred (where it automatically charges his/her credit card)

I'll pay $25 for a new ambassador that wants to sell under me that you bring me. If you decide to sell, I'll pay your $34.95 so you can sell for free.

If you host an event on your college campus, I'll pay you a bonus on each sell I get through that.

So...who is in and who can help me and earn some extra cash on the side?