Uncle Tom's Cabin

Chris Progler and Jake Parker-Howe


Uncle Tom's Cabin, when written, greatly divided Americans and placed the issue of slavery at the forefront of national concerns, where its notoriety and controversial topic placed it at the center of social discussion both for and against the book.

Chris Progler

1. The images from this time period convey ideas such as the issue of slavery being once again of great national importance. The number of responses to Uncle Tom's Cabin shows that Americans of different opinions and beliefs wanted to take the opportunity given by the novel's popularity to demonstrate their opinions through different forms of media.

2. The most surprising thing about these images was how much Uncle Tom's Cabin was advertised to children, whether positively or negatively.

Jake Parker-Howe

1. Despite possibly being intended to promote the antislavery message highlighted in Uncle Tom's Cabin, these advertisements may have actually had the opposite effect, as these advertising companies essentially used (fictional) slaves to help increase their profit.

2. I didn't expect the book to be such an appealing topic for advertising, as it alienated almost half the population.