February Edition

Talent Management Team 2016

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Message from your MCVP TM

Dear new and fresh my LCVP TM 2016,

Welcome on board Sharmaen, Rash, Kher Nee, Jwessiang, Eleen, and still counting. This is monthly newsletter of National Talent Management of AIESEC in Malaysia, HORRAYYY.

This newsletter will be sending you fortnightly with essential information about Talent Management in our entity from national perspective. It will be of the utmost importance for all of you to read this newsletter as it will be a major tool for TM-driven initiatives and conversations.

And let me share somethings that I loved the most in every first experience of AIESEC.

One day, someone came and shared with me, she believe that in AIESEC you can choose to do the minimum or the maximum. It all comes down to why you are here. If you're here for the resume, the friends, the dancing or just for your LCP or LCVP - doing the minimum is enough.

But if you're here for development, for growth, for leadership - it's never enough. Because leadership development is a journey dude, not a destination!
In the end, the difference between failure and success - is choice. It's a choice for you to commit, to strive to persevere, to grow.

What will you do to ensure we, National TM 2016 AIESEC in Malaysia, are doing the maximum?

I hope that we can create a strong National TM network with accountability, support and honesty and without judgement.

Looking forward to working with you, Leaders!


Ana Azzahra


This is the general directions of National TM 1516 both for current and elect.

Now, I want you to know your role as elect to these national direction.

Let me know if you need guidance further.


Accepted lah! Every months, I will sent you challenges. These aim to faster the learning by having a practical learning environment among all LCVP TM. We learn by doing and example. So I really encourage you to poke me anytime. Stay hungry!

Watch this,

I do understand your concern as new VP TM. I talked with several of you. You still think that you are not capable enough to be VP TM because I lack of knowledge or I was not TM before.

I just want to tell you that, YOU ARE NOW THE VP TM! Throw away all of these over thinking thought. This is your time and turn to make TM shine and better. By having right mindset, right eagerness and right goal we can make TM AIESEC in Malaysia better and stronger.

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?