Arrest to Apeals

AJ Dougherty

Crime occurs

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Investigation and Arrest or Citation

  • Arrest made by police
  • Citation to appear in court is issued
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Initial Appearance

  • Assures individuality was properly charged
  • Attorney appointed to defendant
  • Date is set for a preliminary hearing
  • Bail is set (if applicable)
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Preliminary Hearing or Trail Information

  • Determine whether evidence can support charges against defendant
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Arraignment and Plea

  • Plea not guilty trail date will be set
  • Plea guilty lost to jury trail and settlement will be reached
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Discovery and Plea Negotiations

  • If defendant pleas not guilty then it includes viewing documents, interviews under oath, victims and witnesses contacted
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  • Plea negotiations not successful case goes to trial
  • Steps to trial
  1. Opening statements
  2. State's witnesses and evidence
  3. Defense's witness and evidence
  4. Closing argument
  5. Courts instruction to jury
  6. Jury deliberation and verdict
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  • Punishment in criminal case
  • Range from fine, community service, or imprisonment
  • Sentence is chosen by judge
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Victim Impact Statements

  • Statement made to let court know effect crime has had on defendant and defendants family
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