Conflicts in the middle east


Anwar Sadat

Egyptian president.

Israel and Arad States in Conflict

The new nation of Isreal got a hostile greeting from its neighbors. The day after it proclaimed itself a state, six Islamic states Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi, Arabia, and Syria invaded Isreal. The first of many Arab-Israeli wars, this one ended within months in a victory for Israel. Full scale war broke out again in 1956, 1967, and 1973. Arab governments forced out 700,000 Jews living in Arab lands.

Efforts at Peace

In November 1977, just four years after the Yom KIppur war, Anwar Sadat stunned the world by extending a hand to Isreal. No Arad country up to thid point had recognized Isreal's right to exist. In a dramatic gesture, Sadat went before the knesset, the Isreali parliament, and invited enemies to join in a quest for peace.

Peace Slips Away

In 1999, the slow and diffiult peace negotiations between Isreal and the Palestintians semmed to get a boost. U.S. president Bill Clinton hosted a 15 day summit meeting at Camp David between Ehud Barak and Yasir Arafat. Arafat rejected American and Isreali proposals and offered no alternatives, so the peace process once again stalled. Palestinians attacked Isreali soldiers, and used suicide bombers against them too.
The Six-Day War Begins (1967)