Articles of Confederation

Avery Pena

Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation is the first american first attempt at a Government after England. Articles of Confederation is continental congress that made the first constitution.Articles of Confederation is so weak because they gave very little power.

Article of Confederation strengths

The Government signed a peace treaty with Paris in 1778.The Government successfully payed the independence against british.The Government passed the Northwest Ordinance in 1787.The Government put together departments for Foreign affairs ,War,Marine and treasury.

Article of Confederation weakness

The Congress had no money,So each state had to get their own money currency.The Congress wasn't able to get the taxes they can only borrow money or credit.Non of the National was built to protect the rights of the U.S citizens.No branch was able to enforce the laws.

Northwest Ordinance

The Northwest Ordinance is an act that was passed from the Congress of Confederation.It went though the mountains between British and Canada.It moved to the Ohio River.It made the northwest territory.The Americans pushed out the Native americans which made them furious.

Shays Rebellion

Shays Rebellion happened at Massachusetts.The leader of the group was named Daniel Shays.It all started because the states was charging taxes to the farmer.Which they couldn't pay.The farmers had a choice to give up there land or go to jail.A negative effect is that Shays Rebellion cost people lives.People burned do courts ,so people can't go to jail.The people who did that had to pay consequences.