Running shoes

Shoes an object designed to protect and comfort the human fo

Shoes, an object designed to protect and comfort the human foot

Human beings perform various activities which may be either physical or mental. While performing various physical activities the human beings make use of certain body part they possess for example we can say writing involve moment of hands, dancing involves movement of complete body, running involves movement of leg and feet, etc and many more activities. While performing the activities that involve the movement of feet we ought to cover our feet so as to protect as well as comfort them. For this purpose object called shoes have been designed. The earliest known shoes were formed at the Fort Rock Cave in the US state of Oregon approximately in 7,000 or 8,000 B.C. that were generally called as “sandals dating”. The world’s oldest shoes were made from leather that was a single piece of cord leather with a cowhide lace seamed at front and back. Enormous variations have been made in the design of the shoes through time and from culture to culture including its appearance and function. But with modernization and fashion trends has led to a drastic change in variety and demands of shoes. The shoes can be categorized as flat shoes, high heel shoes, boots, sport shoes, sandals, platform heel shoes, etc and many more. They are made from different materials according to the needs for example leather, rubber, plastics and other petrochemical derived materials. Now considering a category of sport shoes which are also called as Athletic shoes they are of following types:

  • Simple sport Shoes

  • Basketball Shoes

  • Cricket Shoes

  • Running Shoes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Gym shoes

  • Sneakers

  • Football Shoes or Studs

Running Shoes that are often referred to as Runners also are the one that are specially designed and used for the purpose of running. Running can be defined as terrestrial locomotion that allows human beings and other animals to make a rapid movement on foot. Running is simply defined in athletic terms as a gait in which both feet are off the ground at some regular points during running cycle. Jogging and sprinting are also a part of running with different speed ranges. So for the purpose runners are the best solution. These won’t let your foot get injured as well as prevent it from all types of harms and risks. The runners help you cover all distances either a marathon or breaking your own records in any type of race that you are going to run. The selection of you running shoes should be made as such that they ensure you in comfort, endurance and reduce the injuries. For the purpose for correct selection gait analysis should be made so that you get the right fit and this is considered to be technically an important step in selecting correct shoe for your foot shape. A gait analysis is a method that is used to assess the way you walk and run to highlight biomechanics that includes supination, normal pronation or over pronation. So fitting you into correct running shoe will help you prevent potential injuries.