Birth of Democracy

The Rise of Athens

What is Democracy?

Democracy is a form of government where the power is in the people's hands. We asked Aristotle his opinion on the topic. He states that "it is necessary for the citizens to be of such a number that they know each other's personal qualities and thus can elect their officials and judge their fellows in a court of law sensibly." This tells us that he thinks it's better for the Polis to be a small community so that people can be treated fairly.

Letter to the Editor

Plato agrees with the idea of democracy and before Aristotle, he said that the ideal number of adult males in the Polis was 5040. With this small population, everyone would know each other, allowing fair judgement.


Wednesday, Aug. 10th, 9pm


Come see the very first Olympic athletic competition! Held in 776 B.C., in Western Peloponnese, honoring of the Olympian Zeus.

Theatrical Festival!!

Friday, Oct. 14th, 9pm


536-533 B.C., Thespis is putting on a tragedy. Come to the festival of the Greater Dionysia to see!!

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