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le 16 février - Spring 2016 - Paris

Hopefully you have already checked your gradebook and didn't see the image below!

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Reflexive Verbs Coming

In the module, La famille et la communauté, you will learn about reflexive verbs. Get a head start on learning them by visiting the following sites where you can also practice conjugating them.

Site 1
Site 2

Learning Tip - Write Your Notes By Hand

Yes, this is an online course, but online learning is the medium of instruction. It doesn't mean that online learning shouldn't include tried and true learning practices. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking notes by hand. Read this article for more information about why writing out your notes by hand is a good learning practice. Writing notes by hand might be the best thing you do to help you learn your French course content.

Grade Improvement Opportunities Are Coming!

On February 29 a news announcement will appear in students' French course news items about a grade improvement opportunity. Be sure to check news items daily. I communicate important information in news items such as assignment due date reminders, which assignments are due, extra information about certain assignments, etc.

Just a reminder that grade improvement opportunities will NOT be accepted outside the time window specified in the grade improvement instructions.

Again, February 29 the instructions for this first grade improvement opportunity will be visible in students' French course news items.

Short Visit to Paris? Top Ten Attractions to Visit.

Click here for a list and brief descriptions of some of the most visited attractions in Paris. Of course in my humble estimation the splendor of Paris is a walk along La Seine river at night from which you can see Paris illuminated by night. It never gets old.
This Newsletter's Cultural Insight

Have you heard about the TGV (train à grande vitesse) in France? It is the high speed train in France that can reach speeds up to 350 mph (although it rarely maintains that speed). You might use the TGV to get to Paris.

Food in the French-speaking World!

Have you ever had a "crêpe"? Crêpes are a specialty of France, especially in Brittany (la Bretagne). You can have either "une crêpe sucrée" which is a crêpe with something sweet like chocolate or "une crêpe salée" which is a crêpe with something a salty like cheese. Click here to read more about "crêpes." If you want the best crêpes in Paris, go to the area called Montparnasse in Paris. It's where all the "Bretons" (from Brittany) are :-).

This Newsletter's French Song - Dernière Danse

Indila is a popular singer in France at the moment - she is originally from Paris. The song video below shows a lot of images from Paris, and since the theme of this newsletter is Paris, I decided to include the video. The song was played quite a bit on French radio when it was first released.

Copy the URL below to access the lyrics (paroles) for this song.
Indila - Dernière Danse (Clip Officiel)

My Weekly Office Hour!

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Don't forget that I hold a weekly office hour for you to ask me questions and to discuss about your French course whatever your heart may desire. It's an opportunity for us to connect. It would be great if you would attend the session. Be sure to have headphones and a microphone. See you there!

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