Culminating Performance Task

Nirvana Persaud

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Overview: Theme

  • Although we are faced with the curriculum of society, it is important to accept yourself for who you are

  • Relatable to all individuals, specifically teenagers
  • Gravity Journal creates a negative, dark ambiance
  • Frozen is a vibrant fairy tale, suited for children
  • Rachel Simmons educates teenage girls on the importance of self-worth

Novel: Gravity Journal

  • Gravity Journal by Gail Sidonie Sobat
  • Edmonton, Alberta at the Eliza Petraclark Memorial Hospital (4-psych-o)
  • Protagonist: Anise Jasmine-Luther - 5'9 44 kg, 16 year old who suffers from depression and Anorexia
  • Antagonist: Loathed and Witless - unsupportive and insensitive parents of Anise
  • Theme: Anise must overcome her insecurities through personal growth in order to be discharged from the psychiatric hospital


  • Disney's Frozen begins when magically powered Elsa almost taking the life of her sister and is then kept locked away to control her powers before any more harm is done
  • As she continues to shut everyone out one day her powers reach an outbreak as she causes eternal winter and runs away
  • Theme: Elsa then realizes that she is who she is no matter what as her sister voyages to take her home and she able to reverse her magic
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Rachel Simmons

  • Rachel Simmons, author of The Odd Girl Out
  • This novel ignites a long-overdue conversation about the hidden culture of female bullying.
  • Addresses the issues of everyday dirty looks and jealousy and how it can affect someone mentally
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  • Entertaining, Informative, offers new insight and perspectives for readers
  • Uses the elements of cynical humor and suspense to keep readers entertained
  • Informative: informs about other perspectives on mental illness and mental illnesses
  • New insights: enlightens readers on the seriousness about mental illnesses and having positivity in our lives
  • Recommendation: Maybe

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