Positive Self-Talk

By Haley Truitt


Self-talk takes place in the privacy of your mind. It can be negative which is known as the inner critic or it can be positive.

(Reece, 2012)

The power of positive self-talk

People are in a constant state of either good mouthing or bad-mouthing themselves about what they have done in life. "This inner dialogue either builds a positive self-image in us or a negative one. “As this image is created, we begin to feel a positive or negative emotion, which in turn is the culprit for a positive or negative performance. Because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between what's real or unreal, when we cut ourselves down or call ourselves derogatory names, our system accepts it as true,"

(Getting More out of Life, 2005)

Positive Self-Talk

You can create effective, positive self-talk statements by using the following guidelines.

(Reece, 2012)

The Self-Talk Endless Loop

The loop consists of :

1. My performance

2. My self-talk

3. My self-image

(Reece, 2012)

Creating Semantically Correct Self-Talk

Use phrases such as:

1. I won't worry anymore.

2. I will not procrastinate.

3. I will lose twenty pounds.

4. I will avoid negative self-talk.

5. I can quit smoking.

6. Next time I won't be late.

(Reece, 2012)