Team KerBears Newsletter

APRIL 2014 (Stats From March 2014)

Changes to our Summer Catalog

A few of the styles listed in the More Prints section on page 32 are no longer available. This is due to the huge success we had with our Spring Flash Sale in March. The following items are discontinued:

  • Easy Breezy Tote – Island Damask
  • Keep-It Caddy – Island Damask
  • Keep-It Caddy – Party Punch
  • Lunch Break Thermal – Best Buds
  • Retro Metro Weekender – Island Damask
  • Room For Two Utility Tote – Lotsa Dots
  • Super Organizing Utility Tote – Island Damask
  • Super Organizing Utility Tote – Lotsa Dots
  • Timeless Beauty Bag – Lotsa Dots

  • We’ll post a printable PDF listing the items being discontinued for summer on ThirtyOneToday. Look for it (and many other great summer tools!) on Monday, April 7.

    Be sure to refer to the Business Update all summer season long, and communicate this to your Customers at your parties!

    The Creative Expressions stationery on page 41 shows an incorrect image for the Bridal art for Notepads. Instead of featuring our Bridal graphic, the Catalog shows our Wedding Expression graphic. The Bridal art includes hot pink scrolls with one line of personalization with a 12 character limit.

    Two Summer Enrollment Kit options

    We’re offering TWO great options for your new recruits! This summer, new Consultants will have the option to select either our Black Enrollment Kit or Turquoise Enrollment Kit when signing up. Both Kits cost just $99* and will include the same styles. Prints and preselected personalization will vary. Summer Enrollment Kits are available beginning April 16.

    NOTE: The Summer Catalog, Summer Opportunity Brochure and Summer Recruiting flier have been printed without the two kit options – be sure to speak to your new recruits about the second kit option!

    Tips for Catalog Changes

    As we approach the new summer catalog, here are some ideas to help you transition from one catalog to the next:

    - Host an Open House (I sometimes call it a Last Chance First Glance Party, where customers can order from either catalog). This will allow you to sell some retiring items, show off the new summer goodies, and also to book some parties! You could offer an incentive to book a party, such as a free item. You could also have the party be a Mystery Hostess Event, where everyone who attends has a chance to win the hostess items. You can also give more chances for things like placing an order or booking a party.

    - If you have items in your kit that you show at parties that are still current products but whose pattern has retired, you can keep it to display and mark it with a tag that says Retired Pattern, 10% off. If someone chooses to buy that item at the discount, then you can use that money to replace it with a current pattern.

    - Reach out to past hostesses and customers to see if they would be interested in receiving the new Summer catalog. I send a survey every catalog change (through to my entire customer base. With survey monkey you can send a survey with up to 10 questions to 100 or fewer people for free, so I ask your contacts if they would like a copy of the new catalog, if they would be interested in hosting a party, if they would like more information about becoming a consultant. (And of course I offer a free gift to 1 lucky winner to get people to respond.)

    Team Spotlight: Kelly Heckert

    We all get the emails from Kelly Heckert, keeping us all up to date on everything Thirty-One. Here is a little bit of information about Kelly so we can all get to know her a little better!

    How long you have been with Thirty-One?

    I’ve been with Thirty-One for a little over 4 years. I joined November 30, 2009.

    What is your "Why?"

    My WHY in 2009 when I started was to be a “stay at home mom.” I was a full-time working mom. I was a first grade teacher in the Pine Richland School District. I had a 5 year old, 3 year old and new baby. My husband travelled every other week and it was really taking a toll on our kids. I am a numbers person (as you know) so once I took out my child care expense a month, I knew I really needed to just make the difference. I figured out what I need to make “partying” and set my mind to it. I was focused on “my own sales” not realizing how “recruiting / building my business” helped in that, too. My WHY now……..still is my family which has grown to 6….my husband, myself and our 4 kids. The additional income helps pay the bills like I was doing when I started. It further allows my children the opportunity to play in the various activities such as sports and art classes without feeling the financial stress of it. 4 boys in sports is very expensive! I’m sure the additional money will help pay for braces coming soon, too! Furthermore, I am no longer teaching to “first graders” BUT I LOVE the fact that I can still “teach” at our c&c meetings and trainings.

    What you like to do other than Thirty-One?

    Well that’s a great question! I’m still trying to figure that out! LOL I love to workout (relieves my stress and gives me “me time”)…..I love to go get manicures, pedicures and massages (that’s something I get to do without my boys!) I love to cook (especially for others….my husband and I love to entertain). I love to volunteer at my kids’ schools….I feel like I get to put on my “teacher hat” for a bit….but I’m thankful I get to take it off and go home. :) I LOVE to go on vacations to the beach (although few and far between with my boys in sports year round non-stop).