EdTech Update

First Colonial High School 12.15.15

Students as Consumers of Instructional Technology

Kevin Denson is using blackboard Ultra to hold test reviews in the evening before the day of the test.

Miriam Mason's students just earned an IXL certificate for completing over 20,000 math problems while completing 6 different lessons in the computer lab. "I was amazed at the amount of learning that took place! Students who have been struggling now understand. Students who are passive, completed assignments with success! More advanced students were able to move ahead and chose to challenge them selves with higher level tasks.
It was the most rewarding day for teacher and the geometry students! A thank goes out to those who recommended FCHS purchase the program and for those who approved it and paid for it!!!"

I still have Algebra II students practicing skills using IXL. I give them a list of skills to practice and they have a choice of which ones to complete. During the polynomial unit, I made one skill mandatory and then they chose 2 of 4 other skills to do I continue to use edmodo to post the daily notes and assignments - and I use edmodo and remind to send out announcements to the class or to individual students. (Lynn Hull)

IXL in Alg 1 lab daily for extra credit options in Alg. II and AlgII/Trig. All solutions and daily handouts are uploaded to Edmodo Smart games Kahoot (cheryl Tennant)

Chemistry- Using Periodic Table live to graph periodic trends AP Bio will be using I-Pads to investigate the organelles on a virtual cell (Antony)

Finance classes are competing in a stock market challenge this month. They buy $100,000 in stocks in real time and follow the stocks for 2 months. We are using the program howthemarketworks.com and each class competes against each other. The contest ranks them each day to determine who has made the most in capital gains. (Draeger

Students as Creators with Instructional Technology

They uses apps like imiwa? and KanjiQ. (Tanaka)

A group of students create a publication such as newsletter or a brochure. Each member of the group contributes an article to the publication that are related to accomplish a common goal. The same group also creates a video with each member contributing. (Horn)

Creation of shared documents / padlets for colloboration. Presidential Music videos uploaded to You Tube (Steve Butler)

My students are creating INFOGRAPHICS to demonstrate what they learned while developing their research papers! (Pettay)

My Journalism I students used Prezi and PowerPoint to create presentations on influential journalists. One student used a platform I'd never heard of - Powtoon - to create a cool animated presentation (fehn)


Students have the option of using an iPad or their phone/computer to use Nearpod.

My students have used BYOD to utilize Mentimeter (for formative feedback), Vocabulary.com, and to compose essays.(Pettay)

Students can check their stocks and buy and sell quickly using their phones. After the initial registering and purchase of stocks, I allow a few minutes each class to check stocks and phones are quicker than the ipads. (draeger)

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100 Videos and Counting: Lessons From a Flipped Classroom


100 Videos and Counting: Lessons From a Flipped Classroom

Miekina's classes


FCHS Technology You Tube Channel

We have created a FCHS YouTube channel to house video tutorials, the link to the channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8c4A69_m8cE_HsNYPMO2Q. We have posted one video already on how to add a "resource" to your gradebook.

Naming & Saving Convention

Share with your students that it is in their best practice to follow a naming convention when saving files. For example, including their last name, subject, bell, and assignment title will make both of your digital lives infinitely more simple. They will be able to search for lost files and stand a greater chance of actually locating the missing item. As students submit work to you using a naming convention you will not have 75 copies of "social studies essay" to organize and keep track of.

Tech Conference Update

Due to calendar constraints we will offer various educational and instructional technology professional development opportunities after school beginning in January. Please sign up and participate as your schedule allows. These opportunities will be posted in MLP and details will be e-mailed once the sessions are approved.

google classroom update

debbie robertsons stuff

Debbie Robertsons classes


Resources Worth Noting

https://www.jeopardy.rocks/ - make your own jeopardy board and play.

https://tackk.com, which is very much like Smore but can supposedly be private, collaborative, social (comments allowed), and unlimited (as many projects as you like, unlike Smore). Seems easy to use.

Buncee edu for user-friendly multimedia digital storytelling.

spruill's edmodo classes


3D Printer

I have had the pleasure of working with a few students in Ms. Spruill's classroom with the 3D printer. The students have a maker competition coming up and they have to create a product that they can mass produce and pitch to a panel of judges "Shark Tank Style." Currently we are working on the balance between speed and overall attractiveness of our design. To find out more about the Maker Expo please visit this site: http://www.vbstemtrifecta.com/maker-expo.html

good point

It is important for educators to keep in mind that while students may understand how to use technology such as interactive smartboards, they don’t necessarily understand how to use it to learn better. This is where teachers must use technology as a tool for learning and stand firm in their roles as guiders of the learning process. Otherwise, integrating technology will not enhance learning in the classroom. http://www.k-12techdecisions.com/article/learning_technologies_are_getting_easier_to_use_but_are_they_fully_classroo/P2