Getting Holiday Ready!

Don't "Fall" Asleep - Get on top of your Biz Now

We'd Like to Welcome Our Newest Team Members!

Anita, Lisa, Sarah, Carlie, Michelle, Shawna, Shannon, Kristina, Diana, Veronica, Karen, Karin, Olivia, Paula, Ciara, Melissa, Sonja, Tawney, Norma, Veronica, Linda, Christine, Christina, Michele, Margie, Pattie, & Lori - more to come over the next few days hoot-hoot:)

NO WAIT LIST Starting in 4 weeks...Welcoming 3,500 More This Week

This is THE TIME to Build Your Team & Help People You Know Reach a Dream
Share this opportunity - a few people will change your life in big ways...
  • Be Ready to Mentor!
  • Have all of the start up essentials ready to go
  • Inspire - Communicate - Share!

New Owl Top 10 Start Up List: this should come from you as a mentor...

  1. Getting Your Wings Doc - all major first step info bites
  2. Team Resources (Our Team Believe FB Page, The Best Owl Nest, etc.)
  3. Facebook Tips - Business Builder Docs
  4. Career Plan
  5. Jewelry Bar & Locket Tips
  6. Sample Flyers
  7. Sample Biz Plan (Plan of Action)
  8. Back Office Instructions (although changing soon)
  9. Inventory Tracker Sheet (excel)
  10. Pictures! Most importantly of a Jewelry Bar, etc.

If you need help mentoring let me know - I'm here to help!

Realize that not everyone has lead a team before - this may be very new and unnatural for some in the beginning...

It's a busy time with back to school, carpool and activity frenzy, etc.

Lean on me anytime!