Monday Minutes

April 3, 2017

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • HUGE thank you to Andi for being über prepared and organized for testing this week! Being our Campus Testing Coordinator is a big responsibility, and you make it look easy!
  • Erika, thank you for assisting Andi with STAAR preparations!
  • Thank you to all students and staff for a successful STAAR week! You are such a responsible staff. Thank you for your preparedness and helping to make the testing process smooth!!
  • Thank you, SPED Department, for preparing your materials for STAAR-Alt testing!
  • Thanks to Erin for collecting RtI documentation!

  • Thank you to those involved in planning the assembly!

  • Thank you Christi for preparing for our GT Update!



  • April 3 - Monday Morning Assembly
  • April 4 - Group Visits Momentous Institute
  • April 5 - TL Meeting
  • April 6 - GT Update 3:00-4:00 pm
  • April 7 - Bethany Choir Spring Show at 6:30 pm
  • April 12 - Staff Meeting at 3:00
  • April 13 - CMIT Meetings
  • April 14 - Staff and Student Holiday
  • April 17 - Student Holiday; Flexible Teacher Hours provided by Bryan will be used so that all staff has the day off
  • April 19 - TL Meeting
  • April 22 - PISD Job Fair 9:00-noon


  • April is National Autism Awareness Month!

  • STAAR-Alt testing begins today in the SPED wing. This testing could last as long as 3 weeks, but we'll hang signs as reminders when testing is in progress, and we'll notify you when all testing is complete.

  • Spring Fever is here! This is a great time to review procedures and remind your kids of your expectations for the rest of the year. Use this last nine weeks to get creative in your lesson planning to make learning extra fun! You might consider starting a new positive reinforcer to motivate your class to follow directions and stay on task.

Bethany Strategy of the Week: Springtime Classroom Management

Bethany's Quote of the Week

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