Boron Family PT Table

Boron, Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, Thallium


A-Name of element-BORON

B-Symbol of element-B

C-Atomic number of element-5

D-Atomic mass of element-10.811 amu

E-Picture of Elements Atomic Structure-

F-How many Valence Electrons does this element have-2

G-What are the uses of this element- Boron can be used as rocket fuel and flare ignites.

H-Who discovered this element- Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, Louis Jaques Thenard, and Humphrey Davy.


A- Aluminum



D-26.983 amu


F- 3

G- In transport, aluminium is used in cars, engine blocks, cylinder heads.

H- Hans Christian Orsted


A - Indium

B - In

C - 49

D - 114.818 amu

E -

F - 3

G - Touch Screens, Flat Screen TV’s, and Solar Panels. H - Ferdinand Reich
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