robotics engineer

are YOU a broken robot ? i can fix you.

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A task a robotics technition would do is to operate robots to preform tasks. Some more tasks are to evaluate efficiancy and reliability of industrial systems, troubleshoot systems, dissasemble and reasemble robots, preform preventative or corrective maitanance, and maintain service records.

working conditions

Most technitians would have a 40 hour work week working in areas such as labs, offices, plants, and construction sites. They would be exposed to hazards from equipment, chemicals, and other toxic material, although incedents are rare.

degrees, certificates, and training necessary

One would need to take robotics and automation engineering, and have a bachelors degree in engineering speacilty, an assotiate degree, a masters degree, a graduate degree, a license, continued education, and finally, must know alot of math and science.

yearly salary range and state

salary would be from $36,720, to $65,930 in NE.

katela- 8 hour