Number The Stars

Lois Lowry

Anne Marie has a lot of secrets to discover one being her friend, Ellen is Jewish and her uncle carries Jewish across Danish to Sweden. Another discovery is that Ellen's mom and dad have disappeared and Anne Marie's family have to take her in. They lie to the Nazi's that Ellen is Anne Marie's older sister Lisa Johnson, which indeed Lisa has been dead for as long as they could remember.

When Anne Marie, her mom, her sister, and Ellen, "Lisa" go to Anne Marie's mom's old house to deliver something, they end up delivering someone. Stuff start getting bad, for the family. Soldiers are getting suspicious that that Ellen isn't related to Anne Marie, so they start questioning her and her "family".

Then there is a break through, the delivery is sent all by a help of a rag. A indeed odd rag that helps Anne Marie's uncle with his job. The rag was created by one, who wouldn't seem to do it, it was the perfect plan.

Three Real Life Facts

*Germans smuggled Jews across the ocean.

*Jewish kids went to school lying about who they were.

*Soldiers wouldn't care if they were kids or not they still punished them.

Section Of Book:

This book is in the fictional, if you like books that are realistic and deep thish book is the book meant for you.


I give this book a 5 out of 5