Huebner 4th Grade Gazette

News, Resources, and Tales from the 4th Grade

May 23-27

Important Upcoming Events for the Fourth Nine Weeks

  • May 26 - 3rd grade Market Day
  • May 27 - 5th Grade Variety Show
  • May 30 - No School, Memorial Day
  • June 1 - End of the Year Assembly @ 8:00
  • June 1 - Class Party @ 1:30
  • June 2 - Last day of School

Huebner Dress Code

PHILOSOPHY AND GENERAL STATEMENT TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS NEISD believes that school performance and future success are enhanced by appropriate dress and good grooming. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to work closely with the school to ensure student's adherence to these standards. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to enforce moderate hairstyles and high standards of dress for their students, which at some campuses include standard attire such as uniforms. Parents/Guardians will be serving the welfare of our students and helping us as educators by emphasizing standards of neatness, cleanliness, safety, and decency in dress and grooming. The Dress Code is in effect for students while attending school functions or school sponsored activities on or off school property. Exceptions to this for certain school-related events are determined by each campus administrator.

Tanks/sleeveless shirts will be prohibited unless the width of the shirt’s shoulder is at least three (3) fingers wide. Sheer clothing is prohibited unless the under shirt’s shoulder width is at least three (3) fingers wide. Undergarments shall not be visible or exposed. Oversized armholes/jersey-type tanks are not permitted without a sleeved undershirt.

Shorts will be permitted provided that the shorts are neatly hemmed, conservative and modest in appearance. Campus administration will determine appropriate length. Bicycle shorts and form fitting and skin-tight shorts or pants of spandex or other similar materials worn alone are prohibited. Dresses, skirts, skorts and split-skirts will be permitted provided that they are neatly hemmed, conservative, and modest in appearance. Campus administration will determine appropriate length. Excessively high slits in skirts and tight spandex will not be permitted.

Curriculum Corner


  • We will be reviewing geometry by designing a garden using geometry terms.

Language Arts

  • We will be working on our end of the year creative writing project using the book Who Is Melvin Bubble?

Science/Social Studies

  • We will learn about food webs and ecosystems.


  • We will be reading about dangerous animals and making a summary book about each one.

Homework Schedule

No Homework!

At-Home Resources