The Pirate's Log

Week of May 23, 2016

Thank You!

Thank you for your collaboration with our standards this past Thursday. Let's get back together on Tuesday during our Common Plan Time so we can talk a little bit about our next steps with this process and give you additional time to meet across grade levels again.

Great conversations!

Updates On Our Families

No new news yet on Calvin and his sister. We figured the family would have their hands full on Friday, so we'll reach out on Monday sometime to check in. When mom called in on Friday, Terri let her know that we'd keep Calvin and his family in our thoughts and prayers and asked her to keep us updated on his progress.

We have several families going through some situations right now...please keep your ears open and let Diane or I know if you hear anything that makes you wonder.

Bus Lists for Field Trips

Please remember to give the office your roster/bus list before leaving for your field trips. All names, including chaperones need to be on your list with the bus number. Please contact Randy if you need to know your bus numbers for your trips.

Speaking of Field Trips...

Start thinking about where you'd like to travel next year. If you can choose an approximate date, that would be great too.

I'd like to give our PTO a heads up on what we're thinking so that they know how much they're going to have to budget for us.

I'm working on our calendar for next year and trying to space things out a little better too...if I know your field trip dates, I can plan around those as well. Thanks!

Mrs. Hausmann's Superintendent's Update

I will be sharing the following in our Proud Pirate to make sure all of our families received her updates:

As we continue to seek the best service to students and families, we are introducing a new opportunity for ALL district students to participate in our breakfast program this fall. No advance registration is necessary! All students are welcome every day!

Every school breakfast is a complete meal, following the Federal guidelines. Breakfast includes milk, fruit and juice and whole grains. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunch will receive the same benefit for breakfast.

  • Students may arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of school for breakfast

  • Perkins High and Briar Middle School: Breakfast Times 7:30-8:00 am

  • Furry and Meadowlawn: Breakfast Times 8:30-9:00 am

  • Price: $1.50 paid, $.30 reduced*, free* (*if qualified)

Any child who is not participating in the breakfast program may arrive 30 minutes early, but we will not be able to accommodate students before that time.

Additionally, we have heard your concerns and will not utilize two-hour delayed start or early release days for professional development next year. Instead, we are working to secure two dates for full-day training. Students will not be in attendance these two days, and a notification will be sent to parents as soon as these dates are established.

This will continue to be shared with our families so that everyone is aware.

DARE/SRO Screening Process w/ the Perkins Police Department

Chief Klamar is looking for a teacher to help with the following:

He has an officer who is going through the process of becoming certified as a DARE officer and SRO. Part of the application process is that the applicant participate in an oral screening process which includes an interview by a local screening team. DARE Ohio requires, among others, an educator, a school administrator, and a parent to participate.

I'll be helping out and I have a parent who is interested. If you'd like to help, let me know. I've reached out to Chief Klamar to get an actual date and time of when he'd like to complete these screenings but I received an automatic reply to my email that says he's out of the office until May 31. If he returns my email before then, I'll be sure to share it with you.

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • Special Ed. Meeting @ 8:10
  • Visit to Meadowlawn @ 10:00
  • Pearson/Ready Gen Mtg. @ 11:30
  • Standards Work @ 8:10
  • Mtg. @ 11:00
  • Mtg. @ 3:00


  • PST @ 8:10
  • DLT @ PHS 8:00-11:00


  • Jodie and EJ @ 8:10
  • Preschool Graduation @ 9:45 and 1:45
  • Courthouse @ 11:00
  • Mtg. @ ASC 2:00-3:30
  • Retirement Party for Diane @ 4:30
  • PHS Graduation

Dates to Remember

May 23

  • Special Ed. Mtg. @ 8:10
  • Multi-Age and 2nd Grade Visits Meadowlawn 10:15-11:15
May 24
  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • Kindergarten Field Trip to the Farm

May 25

  • DLT @ PHS 8:00-11:00
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to Mill Hollow
  • ACCESS to Cedar Point

May 26

  • Jodie and EJ @ 8:10
  • NED Zone Day
  • Diagnostic Test Scores due to Diane Smith
  • Preschool Graduation @ 9:45 and 1:45 (Gym will be used)

May 27

  • Little Pirates Field Trip to African Wildlife Safari
  • 2nd Grade Performance @ 9:30
  • Diane Tear's Retirement Party @ 4:30
  • PHS Graduation

May 30

  • Memorial Day~No School

May 31

  • 1st Grade to Imagination Station
  • PHS Seniors Visit Furry (Walkthrough w/ gowns)???

June 1

  • Fun Day!

June 2

  • Last Day for Students

June 3

  • Last Day for Staff!

June 6

  • K-2 Reading Workshop w/ Dr. Lori Wilfong @ 8:00

June 7

  • K-2 Writing Workshop w/ Dr. Lori Wilfong @ 8:00

June 8

  • Board Meeting

June 13

  • Lucy Calkins PD @ 8:30

June 13-17

  • Safety Town