High School Options Update

It seems like yesterday that you were starting the high school application process and just next week is our first mailing deadline. We would like to remind you to make sure that you have:
  1. Submitted applications to the high schools your student is applying to
  2. Submitted all teacher recommendations (some are online, some are paper) to the teacher
  3. Submitted all principal/head of school recommendations (If applicable. Some are online, some are paper) to Patti Long
  4. Submitted Pastor recommendation letters to high schools (if applicable)
  5. Signed up for the ISEE and or HSPT tests (whichever is applicable)

If your student went to 7th grade at another school, please make sure that you have requested transcripts from that school be submitted to each high school your student is applying to.

Please be assured that we are aware of and tracking all recommendation, transcript and test score deadlines. After each mailing has been made, Patti Long will send you an email to make you aware.

If in the meantime, you have any questions, please contact Patti in the registrar's office at 626.229.2125, plong@mayfieldjs.org, or drop in.

Note from Chris Goethals
Secondary School Mentor and Advisor:

Don't worry, be happy! The process is almost complete.

Reminder- Teacher and Principal recommendations will reach your schools on time. Deadlines vary.