Life on the goldfields

By Nathan T

Life on the goldfields

On the goldfields people lived in tents but later made wood and bark huts. Each miner had a permit bought for 5 shillings which allowed them to mine for gold. If you work in a spesific place it is your "claim" if you dont work on your "claim" every day except sunday someone can steal your "claim" by "claim jumping" imagine that!

Types of gold mining - Shaft

Shaft mining is a type of mining where you have 2 people the 1st digs a hole as deep as they can and a puts it in a bucket and the second brings that bucket up using a windlass and then prsesses it to look for gold.

Types of gold mining - Aluvial

Aluvial mining is where you have a pan and you put some dirt in it and some water and swish it around so that half of the dirt falls out and then continue untill the water is covering the dirt and then there should be so little dirt that you can just pick out the gold.

Women on the goldfields

Most women stayed home but some became diggers to because there was no rule about women not being alowed to if they came with thier husband they would probably do the washing, ironing, cooking, and maybe make some clothes.

Chinese on the goldfields

The chinese worked hard and in teams so they found gold where australians had given up on because of this there was a lot of racism so for chinese to enter victoria they had to pay a price of 10 pounds! Half of this racism came from thier cultures and customs which australians thought was a bunch of bogus.